Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate
73 chapter 73. Cosmos lake festival - 1
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Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate
Author :minho_Shiny
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73 chapter 73. Cosmos lake festival - 1

" Look, dispatch Elijah's troop to city vandrell. Tell his men to mingle with the locals and spread the word of revolution. Destruction is easier than construction. Fire spreads faster in a dry forest. Tell him to create as big commotion as he can. If one starts to go against, then automatically our men follows him and following them locals too join in the activity. "

"We still got  few offcials on our side. Let them play our part in convincing the emperor to send both Evan and Felix to control people. It will be a good situation for Evan to prove his worth as the next emperor which increases his stance. So of course, even though if he won't agree to go, Alexander will surely order him to. Now both the obstacles are out of our way. "

Black shallow smirked while the plan was literally playing in his head. He was sure, this was going to work out. It doesnt take much time for a little small fire, to burn down a whole big forest. 

Black wolf heart relieved at once. It was such a flawless plan. Instead using more manual force to ambush them, his boss is diverting them with state affairs, directly making the target to walk into the enemies territory. 

" Boss, you sure deserve your title as 'incarnation if devil', I am really honoured to work at your command, " He commented in all cheers. 

Are you sure you are praising me and not calling me devil? 

Black shallow of death is happy with himself. This is such an important task and looks like God is also on their side, helping them to create many opportunities. Now it's a cake walk to excute their plan and it's time to reveal what big boss told to his subordinates. 

" There are changes in the orders given recently. The target is not allowed to get killed. We just need to trample her chastity. So our men need to disguise. As per that, I think we can ambush the princess carriage in their return journey from temple. Usually it will be dark by the time she returns back to the country manor. So all the guards will be dead tired from non-stop journey and if we drug her to unconscious, things will go smoothly. By the time she regains conscious, we spread word in the whole capital. "

Black wolf stood in his spot dumbstruck. Killing Aeinshia was their original plan, then how did it change to this, " Did that monster change it? I knew it. The master is not a human. Aeinshia is a little girl. Why make it hard for her? Isn't killing her is much more easy than taking her pride and self-esteem. " He roared back. He never blinked an eye to kill someone. But he is a knight too. As a knight this is something against his conscience. 

He worked in the most important troop in the Palace. The prince's personal troop, which was led by Commander Peter. He has closely seen the princess and way she acts. She is small and very lively. She is innocent, too. 

And doing that to a small poor thing, was something his conscience was not very fond of right now. Its not good to make people suffer. Worst, give them more than they can fathom. He had been there and done that. 

That's why, he thought to personally assassinate the princess, when the original orders were passed. To make her death easy. But, the change of plans, were narrating something cruel towards the small girl.

Black shallow of death: '' That's not in my decision to take. We could only follow orders given by master. It's not like you can take the decisions as well. Remember, your job is to only tell what is happening inside the palace. Dont go beyond and never betray " He gritted to his subordinate and went towards the door with long strides. 

Black wolf could only follow black shallow of death, after sighing deeply. He knew, he was not in power, so he didn't make things more difficult for the boss and stayed silent for sometime. 

His eyes glaring at boss, " I really hate it when you won't even speak your opinion when you can stop such things from happening. What did the big boss do to you, to bloody your hands for big boss. Big boss is not worth for whatever he or she is chasing. Hell, I think they are not even worth for living a life. I am warning you, let's just leave that troop. "

" Looks like a heated discussion is going on here. Did I disturb you guys? Or care if I also join? "

Black wolf and black shallow of death turned almost instantly to see  whom this voice belongs to. Their legs rooted to the grounds. This is unexpected. 

Two hours before on Shirley's side:

The carriage of Rutz house entered the market. It's still midday, but since it's the festive season, the streets are filled with people everywhere and bustling with crowds.

Many young maids and servants of Rutz house faces lit up with excitement seeing the entrance sign board of the capitals largest market.

During the festival days, workers in the  Rutz mansion were allowed to visit the market after serving lunch to their masters and can enjoy their vacation here. In order to avoid any mishaps from happening and to avoid lack of manual work at the mansion, workers were divided into batches and two batches would be sent on every single day.

The household would give bonus to the workers on this very special occasion allowing them to enjoy their vacation.

It went without saying that as the excitement coursed through their bodies, their jibber-jabbering became even more loud not hiding their happiness. After all, not every household gives many privileges unlike Rutz family, who gives bonus for their workers and regular holidays.

"Sister Shirley, could you smell stinking tofu. It's been months since I last had them. I am definitely gonna have that today, " Exclaimed the young maid named Elisa.

It's not been long since she came to the capital. With the help of her aunt, she was able to get the maid post in the household. Looking at the capitals longest festival, her enthusiasm got no bounds.

"Geez girl, Don't even mention it. I really don't understand how it tastes good after smelling it. You sure are great to like that dish, " another maid named Anna commented, her face all scrunched up showing how displeased she got.

Elisa is a born foodie, now that someone has got problems with her taste in food she didn't hold it back and retaliated, " What? Now you have problems with my taste. You need to taste it before commenting. Taste is what matters for eating. If you have the guts, prove me wrong after eating it, " Elisa gave a cheeky grin implying Anna to try accepting the challenge.

It's just a challenge, but if Anna accepts and tastes the dish, it doesn't matter even if Anna liked it or not. Eating the stinky tofu means she ate it despite smelling bad which is a straight win to Elisa.

Just having that thought in mind, Elisa's grin widened spreading from ear to ear. Shirley isn't stupid. She understood what Elisa meant right the moment the challenge was made. Now, she is simply leisurely waiting to know Anna's choice.

Poor Anna didn't think much into it and simply gave into the whim of the moment. Her voice certain, "Sure. Let's see. "

A small smile danced on Shirley's lips. 

Foolish girl~

Turning to face Shirley and the other maids, Anna spoke trying to speak logic, " Since we already made a challenge let's first visit the stall minding we didn't have our breakfast yet today. "

Despite her suggestion, Shirley got many works in hands at the moment and didn't wish to entertain others. She still need to get rid of Rutz house guards,who are tagging along them secretly from the start of the vacation. She still need to distract their attraction and slip out of this group. She need to find an opportunity.

Rejecting outrightly, "No Anna. I don't want to smell bad for the whole day. Since we will be here for the whole day, let's skip that part to last of our schedule. "

Noting her point, many other servants too agreed with Shirley.Just like that they started talking about the places they had in mind to visit and discussed about the dishes they want to taste.

The carriage of Rutz house came to a halt entering the parking station. The streets are filled even more crowded here, with people everywhere and bustling in crowds.

Descending the carriage, the driver spoke, " I will be waiting here at evening. Make sure to comeback before nightfalls, " his voice a little rough, sounding like orders,but none of the maids and servant boys paid a heed to him,busy to enjoy their holiday.

Everyone nodded in response to the driver and scattered to their respective ways dividing into smaller groups to ensure not getting lost. Well, to particularly ensure everyone to board the carriage right at time and not to delay work of others.

It was all colourful here. 

It's this year's cosmos lake boat festival. 

A colorful festival which is witnessed by a lot of people. 


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