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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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1336 Better Mood

"I have been thinking. Perhaps the Ding family wanted to marry her to another family in exchange for their son's marriage previously not because they favored son over daughter. Perhaps they could already tell what kind of person Ding Jiayi was. As such, before Ding Jiayi could betray the Ding family, they wanted to gain something from Ding Jiayi."

One could not deny that Qiao Nan must have taken too many blows to conceive a conspiring theory for something that happened so many decades ago.

Although Zhai Sheng did not intend to make love to Qiao Nan tonight, he could not control his hands. His thighs were clamping on Qiao Nan's. His hands on Qiao Nan's waist wriggled like an agile snake and found its way into the lower hem of her nightgown, stopping in between Qiao Nan's soft waist and tummy. Thereafter, his fingers caressed the delicate skin repeatedly to feel the tender and smoothness that was so different from that of his own. "Do you wish to know? I can help you find out."

Qiao Nan, who was in Zhai Sheng's arms, shook her head. "Forget it. Be it Ding Jiayi or the Ding family, I am not interested to know. It's still the same words. It's definitely impossible for her to get a lot of money from me. However, I will definitely fulfill the basic maintenance obligation of supporting her during her old age." Ding Jiayi could forget about getting money from her to lead the life of a rich man's wife.

The money that she gave Ding Jiayi would allow the latter to have protein dishes in all her meals. Ding Jiayi would not die of hunger. However, it would not be anything more than that.

"Aren't you afraid that she will give your money to Qiao Zijin?" It was always easier to spend money that comes without any effort or work. She might not know how to cherish them.

"Afraid?" Qiao Nan gave a mocking smile, lowering her voice as she was afraid of waking the triplets up. "I am really not afraid."

In her previous life, her mother used all her earnings on Qiao Zijin's matters. It happened many times. Her mother did not even leave her a single yuan from her moonlighting earnings.

Her mother had to 'dig' at least 5,000 to 6,000 yuan from her pocket to give to Qiao Zijin. If she was lucky to receive some translation jobs, she would have to give Qiao Zijin about 10,000 yuan per month.

However, in this lifetime, according to what she said earlier, she would only give Ding Jiayi a maximum of 100 yuan per month as a living allowance. Given the current cost of living and wage level, an ordinary worker's salary was only about 200 to 300 yuan per month.

If she were to give 100 yuan, it would definitely be considered high.

Even if wages were to increase in the future, the money that she gave Ding Jiayi would not exceed 1,000 yuan per month. Compared to the 10,000 yuan in the past, Qiao Nan did not feel the pinch for this 1,000 yuan at all.

"Brother Zhai, you may not have discovered a situation but it can't escape my eyes. Ding Jiayi seems to be more reluctant to spend on Qiao Zijin nowadays." She could feel an obvious disengagement between this mother-daughter pair. Ding Jiayi no longer treated Qiao Zijin unconditionally like she did in her previous life.

Qiao Zijin was definitely harboring resentment over this matter.

Qiao Zijin must have borne a grudge against Ding Jiayi for a long time. Hence, she could no longer contain herself and exposed such a shocking secret to her father yesterday. In the previous life, she did not even know that Ding Jiayi was so 'noble' to have done her utmost to 'teach' Qiao Zijin in such a way since the latter was a child.

Putting aside the sadness that she felt about having such relatives and after calming down, Qiao Nan felt that she should feel a little happy instead of upset. Now, she could behave like a passive onlooker and watch the 'show' of the Qiao family.

It was uncertain why but Qiao Nan only had one word in her heart: retribution.

Qiao Nan was not certain whether Ding Jiayi or Qiao Zijin had gotten the retribution. However, both of them were not doing well. This time, they were really going to be down on their luck.

Zhai Sheng understood what Qiao Nan meant. "In order words, if you give Ding Jiayi money to support her in the future, she may not spend all of them on Qiao Zijin."

It was normal for children to support their parents financially in the latter's old age. However, it was too unreasonable to expect one to support their own siblings.

Zhai Sheng felt consistently disgusted that after receiving Qiao Nan's money, Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi would be so unprincipled to give all of them to Qiao Zijin. Thereafter, they would still complain that Qiao Nan was petty and did not give them enough.

"Yes." Qiao Nan nodded furiously. "It is a little wrong to think of it that way. But undeniably, I feel better all of a sudden. Brother Zhai, you must be feeling tired. Let's sleep."

Once her mind was eased, Qiao Nan felt sleepier than yesterday. She had the feeling that tomorrow would be a better day.

Zhai Sheng could not help giving Qiao Nan a bite on her neck. "You are in such a good mood. Why are we sleeping? Should we have a good 'celebration'?" At the very least, they had to change the noun 'sleep' to a verb.

This time, Qiao Nan was in a better mood and she did not decline. She was even tempted. "Okay, shall we celebrate on that bed?" After her mood had improved, Qiao Nan's desire was also roused.

In the dark room, Zhai Sheng's eyes were the brightest at this moment. "Are you serious?"

Qiao Nan gave a seductive smile. She even reached out her 'wolf claws' and touched Zhai Sheng's chest and tummy. In fact, at the sight of Zhai Sheng's naked upper torso earlier, Qiao Nan was already thinking about it.

Their children could already run all over the place, yet this was the first time that she finally had a chance to satisfy her own desire. She could feel the beautiful body curve.

The desire for food and sex is human nature. Qiao Nan was also human. Of course, she would have such desires.

At this moment, silence spoke louder than words.

With Qiao Nan's touch, how could Zhai Sheng not understand? After confirming that the three children were sleeping soundly, without a word, Zhai Sheng carried Qiao Nan up swiftly and put her on the bed beside them.

He had prepared this bed for his three children. Unexpectedly, the couple eventually slept more in this bed. When they did some 'shameful' things under the covers of the blanket, Zhai Sheng felt that this bed was the only thing in the room that was well worth the money spent.

Qiao Nan dared to touch Zhai Sheng today because Zhai Sheng did not look as energetic as usual. She thought it would not be too much of a problem to stimulate him a little.

Although they were a little over the top on such matters, it was undeniably a very comfortable affair for them. In particular, the husband had such a good physique and requisites. She could get everything that she wanted. It was of course very 'satisfying' to be with such a man.

There was one disadvantage though. It was fine that he could sustain it for a long time. However, he had to do it more than once in one night. Even though it was a comfortable affair, Qiao Nan could not take it if the occurrences were too high.

Tonight, she had thought that it would be enough to focus and do it once. Thereafter, they could hug each other to sleep.

However, when someone's heavy machine gun was loaded with bullets for the third time and moving in fiercely, Qiao Nan began to have regrets.


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