In a Cultivation World With a System
3 Chapter 3 - First Battle
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In a Cultivation World With a System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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3 Chapter 3 - First Battle

A short while later, Jun Feng roused from his unconscious state and opened his eyes. He was confused as to why he suddenly fell unconscious, but he doesn't let it get to him and decides to slowly sit up, in case it happens again. When nothing wrong happens again, he gets up from the ground and starts walking towards the cave exit.

[Before Host leaves the cave, Host is recommended to check his Status to see the changes. The reason Host had fainted was due to the sudden strength increase.]

"Status." Jun Feng just does as the System says and brings up his Status to see how much stronger he has gotten.


Name: Jun Feng

Age: 16

Cultivation: Body Refining Stage 2

Cultivation Method: Heavenly Demon

STR: 13

AGI: 10

INT: 11

VIT: 8

Skills: Ryuzachi Sword Style,

Points: 1000

System Evaluation: Barely average]

"Hm, I doubled all of my stats besides INT. I guess it is because I am in Body Refining, so my INT is barely affected. The big increase in my attributes is very good though, since I do not know how long I will be in this forest, and it will be dangerous here." Jun Feng mumbles after checking his new Status. He knows from the memories of the original that this forest is very dangerous, but he still has a chance as most of the beasts in this forest are at the Body Refining and Qi Gathering realms. Although Qi Gathering beasts are far to strong for him, he can increase his strength by picking out Body Refining beasts over time.

"System, didn't you say that I gained a Grade 5 sword? Why is it that I don't have it?" Jun Feng asks after suddenly remembering about that sword. He knows that he didn't get it because he didn't see it anywhere.

[Host finally remembered? System has been holding it for you in a personal storage. You can't access the storage, so you naturally can't find the sword. Since Host has finally remembered about it, System will give you the sword now.]

Jun Feng could tell that the System was looking down on his memory, but he doesn't mind and looks at the sword that suddenly appeared in front of him. The sword is about 1.5 meters long and is pure black, probably made out of a strong ore or metal he doesn't know about from Earth. He picks up the sword and it suddenly moved on it's own and slashed his finger, resulting in blood covering it.

Just as Jun Feng was about to question the System about what that was, the sword started changing before his eyes. The pitch black sword now had blood red lines spiraling from the hilt to the tip of the sword, giving it a demonic feeling. This time when Jun Feng picks it up, it doesn't do anything. Assuming that it was something akin to a blood contract, he just decides to ignore it seeing as it doesn't have any negative impact on himself.

Holding onto the sword, Jun Feng leaves the cave and casually walks around the forest, observing all around him. The forest has lots of trees with different types of fruits on them. Jun Feng c an subconsciously feel danger from most of the fruits, so he guesses that they are poisonous ones. He found one fruit that doesn't give him a sense of danger, rather it gives him a sense of peace from it.

Climbing the tree the fruit is on, Jun Feng picks the fruit and takes a closer look at it. The fruit itself is green, with a few red veins on it. Although it doesn't look good, since it doesn't give him a sense of danger, Jun Feng decides to trust his senses and eats the fruit. After he finishes eating the whole fruit, he felt a surge of energy flowing through his body, rushing towards his dantian in full power. Knowing it will be bad if this continues, he starts using his cultivation method to calm the rushing energy.

A little while later, he manages to calm the new energy and absorbed it for himself, causing his dantian to swell before stopping, signaling that he has broken through to stage 3. Happy that he has found a way to increase his strength fast, he keeps an eye out for fruits like that one.

Jun Feng doesn't know how long he has been walking around the forest, but because he can't tell whether it is day or night in this forest, he just keeps adventuring around. He found the occasional fruit that is similar to the one from before, but there is always a strong beast guarding them. He always feels a massive amount of danger from them, so he guesses that they are at least stage 7 of Body Refining.

Finally after sneaking past the strong beasts, he managed to find a beast that doesn't give him a feeling of that much danger, so he decides to fight it. He knows that having no combat experience is a big downside in this world, even if he gets stronger. Holding his sword tightly in his right hand, he slowly approaches the beast and finally gets a good look at it. It looks similar to a fox from his world, it just is quite bigger, and has blue patterns all over it's orange fur.

When he was approaching closer to it, he accidentally stepped into a branch, startling the fox and causing it to look in his direction. The fox seeing him, gets angry because a human dares to sneak up on it. Jun Feng silently curses his foot, before he holds his sword in front of him and watches the fox rush towards him. He subconsciously uses his sword style, and once the fox is in his range, his sword slashes towards it's spine, the weak point of this type of fox.

The fox panics and leaps to the side, but Jun Feng's sword still hits it on it's side, leaving a deep gash. The fox cries out in pain and leaps at Jun Feng aiming it's fangs towards his neck. Panicking, Jun Feng quickly jumps back and narrowly dodges the fox. He slashes his sword at the fox when it is about to hit him again, this time the sword manages to enter the fox's head, piercing through it's brain and instantly killing it.

Jun Feng breaths out in relief and takes his sword out of the fox, and quickly leaves the area because he knows there will be more beasts attracted to the smell of blood. After running for few minutes, he finds that there is no beasts around him and quickly climbs up a large and thick tree and sits down in between many branches and leaves, hiding himself.

[Host has killed a Body Refining Stage 4 Cyro Fox. You have gained 5 points and 1/4th of it's cultivation.]

Jun Feng feels his dantian rapidly absorb energy from who knows where, and he found himself at the peak of Stage 3, nearly at stage 4 of Body Refining. Happy that he knows he can quickly increase his cultivation like this, at least at the early stages, he decides to sleep in this tree, as he is very tired from all that walking and the fight.


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