Godly Monarch’s Deadly Wife
44 Ashen Beauty III
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Godly Monarch’s Deadly Wife
Author :TheWorstAmateurEA
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44 Ashen Beauty III

@@'Could it be… that I was talking to myself? He can't hear! Not possible…' she shook her head, 'That's not an effect of the Abyss Soul Eating Poison but well…'

When she was a mid her ponder and about to speak again, she noticed movement from the greyish mist; it was flowing slowly towards the ashen young man.

'Oh! He did listen to me but…' she surveyed the poisonous mist flow and saw him struggling, "it isn't enough."

She got up and went behind him. She sat cross-legged and after a brief pause, she put her left hand on his back, "Don't reject me," she said before making her soul strength circulate and carefully giving it to him.

Sharing soul strength was different from sharing energy; it was ten thousand times more dangerous. If one wasn't careful not only the receptor but also the one giving it might get hurt and that will most likely happen if the receptor rejected it. Such an event usually took place as not many were willing to have their soul invaded.

'… He is pretty obedient.' He had done as she said which surprised her. Nonetheless, she didn't give it much thought and aid him in containing the poison in one place inside his soul.

The speed the mist went back to the ashen beauty increased but as her soul strength wasn't anything compared to the ones the Abyss Soul Poison is used against, it took her all.

Soon, sweat began to ooze from her pretty face and finally, after more than half a day had passed and she had been totally drenched in sweat, there wasn't a poison field anymore.

She furrowed tightly her brows and took one of the white pills that sparkled gold glitter from the transparent jade bottle, "Here is… the antidote. Eat it." From behind, she stretched her right hand, placing right before his thin greyish lips the shiny cherry-sized pill.



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