From Fish to Dragon
153 Under the Sea III
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From Fish to Dragon
Author :Hao_Abao
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153 Under the Sea III


An explosion was heard, along with the cries of a great beast. The flood dragon had used all of its energy to send an attack towards the human that controlled the two dragons.

Rather than killing the human, its own attack had been redirected to explode on itself instead! In that instant, the Yinglong had teleported itself as well as the Qiulong, then teleported the attack towards the flood dragon as well.

This all happened in an instant, the flood dragon was already covered in injuries. With no strength left in its body, it also suffered under its own attack. If only it knew, it wouldn't have wasted its strength, only to be humiliated by a human.


Its huge body crashed onto the ground below, its head happened to be facing Ye Qin, who had long stored the sandbags and walked out from the tube. As he got closer, the flood dragon opened its eyes.

"Human, what is it that you want?"

A voice resounded in his mind. Indeed, the flood dragon had spoken to him. Despite not opening its mouth, it was still able to speak to him.

Since many years ago, monsters that were strong enough, and gained enough intelligence were able to speak the human language. Since a flood dragon was able to speak, it was obvious that Long Bing Rong and Sun Zhan's monsters were able to as well.

Currently, Ye Qin and Wang Tao's monsters were more than intelligent enough, however, their grades weren't enough, preventing them from speaking. This was why he wasn't surprised when it spoke to him.

"Submit to me, if you do, I will let you live." He told it.

"Submit? A flood dragon such as myself? A proud member of the dragon race, submitting to a human? Impossible." it replied.

"What about these two then, are they not a proud member of the dragon race? You aren't even comparable to them, and you still won't submit? What if I told you, I have a way of speeding up your cultivation, allowing you to transform into a true dragon if you follow me?"

"What?! Impossible, how can a mere human do such a thing? In my thousands of years of life, what haven't I seen? How can a human who isn't even two decades old, do what I and many members of my race cannot?"

Ye Qin was silent, he only stared directly into its eyes for a moment, before it spoke again; "Your eyes are telling me you speak of the truth… fine, I will follow you from now on, it's better than wasting my thousands of years of hard work."

"Good. Then from now on, you will be under my command, tell me everything you know about the ruins, don't leave anything out." He nodded.


Days later, a young man was seen sitting atop a large pink dragon. The young man was exactly Ye Qin, he was sitting on the flood dragon, allowing it to take him to travel.

As a flood dragon, it was a master of water, making it travel the fastest in the sea. It was also the ruler of countless kinds of sea creatures, with this, Ye Qin's plan that he had thought of long ago would be closer to bearing fruit.

With the flood dragon under his control, he would now not only control itself, but also the sea creatures under it. His plan of creating an army of monsters he could call at any time was slowly starting.

In the first place, his dragons were divine dragons of eastern legends. Being as such, they were also natural rulers of all sea creatures, despite not being the water element. In the legends, divine dragons were the rulers of not only the skies, but also the sea, filled with countless monsters that were even more terrifying than those found on land.

Despite not being under a contract, the flood dragon would follow Ye Qin along with the hydra, the Great Sage, and many more in the future.

These past few days, it had given him some information on the ruins. It also came with him to explore the ruins. After searching a number of ruins, they still didn't find anything worthwhile.

However, the trip wasn't bad, the flood dragon in itself was a priceless treasure. Even if he found nothing, he would still be fine with it. Nevertheless, his dragons didn't get to grow, no powerful monsters were seen in the ruins he had explored, only fodder that provided a little bit of xp were there.

He had been in contact with Wang Tao during this time, he was informed that Wang Tao explored a number of ruins, finding nothing. They would soon meet up, along with the hydra and the five dragons that went off on their own.

He sent a message to Long Bing Rong, as she gave a brief reply, soon the three of them would meet up again, and report their findings. After a while, he arrived at the meeting place.

It was located towards the fewer, and larger ruins that they have yet to explore. There, he sat atop the flood dragon, closing his eyes and awaiting the arrival of his friends.

A few hours later, Wang Tao arrived, atop the Blackgold Python Tiger. he saw the flood dragon and was surprised at its size. He had already known about it, but was still a little shocked.

When he got down, he approached and spoke; "Boss, it's pretty big, huh."

"Indeed." Ye Qin replied.

After a while, the five dragons and the hydra also arrived. When the dragons arrived, the flood dragon was stunned. Five powerful auras suppressed its bloodline, even while not aimed at it.

Even though it knew, it was still shocked that seven powerful beings of the proud dragon race, being divine dragons on top of that, were under a single human. The dragons returned to his Monster sea, while the hydra returned to the storage space in his smartwatch.

A few hours later, Long Bing Rong arrived. Atop the Dark Star Dragon, she arrived and landed. "Anything?" Ye Qin asked her.

Without replying, she tapped on her smartwatch. A chest that gave off a chilling sensation appeared on the ground below them. Just by feeling it, they could tell something incredibly cold was held within.

[Chilling Lotus Fruit]

[Usage: Can be refined into a pill, or used in evolution.]

Within the chest, a single fruit that resembled a lotus was seen. It was blue, and slightly transparent, like a lotus made of glass. The fruit was fragile, and could easily get destroyed if it was not handled properly.

Putting the lid back on, the chest was returned to the storage space. Their maps were updated, showing that Long Bing Rong had explored some of the larger ruins on her own, this meant that she found the fruit after searching many of the ruins.

The Chilling Lotus Fruit was precious, by bringing it back, the Medical peak master could plant it and grow more of it. As for the flood dragon, it was getting used to being under the suppression of far superior members of the dragon race, it was no longer shocked at anything that would occur around Ye Qin.


In a dark cavern, three youths were seen. One atop a huge pink dragon, while another was on a golden tiger. The final youth was sitting on a small black dragon, as they headed straight exploring a huge ruin.

This was the first ruin they would explore. With many smaller ruins explored, there weren't many left on the map. Now, only twelve remain.

"Boss, aren't we exploring these ruins too fast? I think the readers would want this underwater arc to be a bit longer, don't you think?" Wang Tao whispered.

"It's fine, a war will start soon, besides the arc won't be as short as you think." Ye Qin replied.

"Eh? Boss, could it be, you know what the author is thinking? Cmon, tell me then." Wang Tao asked.

"Go away, it's just an assumption, this novel still has a lot of story to cover, don't worry." Ye Qin ended right there.


Wang Tao was silent as he continued forward. Their group went forward unhindered. The flood dragon had the ability to shrink itself, it was now only three meters long, and only half a meter thick, still enough for Ye Qin to sit on its back.

Looking around, the ruins seemed to be the same as the many other ruins they had explored. Dark cavern walls, and glowing stones that acted as a source of light. Now that some days had passed, they needed to hurry and return to help the Mermen king to fight in the war.

At this rate, they may not make it back in time. Thus, Ye Qin decided to omit some ruins from the search for now, and would return once the war was over. He didn't think it was worth spending too much time exploring, afterall, not many strong monsters were found.

Even on land, there weren't many monsters that could threaten them. Even the overlord class monster that they had met over a year ago was now no longer a threat. Only beings such as the Black Wing, could do so.

Now, they could only hope to quickly grow stronger by exploring the deep sea, or by venturing into the Monster Realm. With a large threat that may approach at any time, they had to take the risk and grow as much as they could before then.

Currently, despite not being able to head there, Ye Qin had some ideas of his own. A while ago, rings had awakened within his body, ever since then, he didn't notice any changes, nor did anything else happen like back then.

Even when he tried to summon the ring, nothing happened. It was as though it had never occured in the first place. However, now that his monsters were growing, he could sense a subtle change within his body.

He believed, the more he grew, the closer he would get to discovering the truth behind it all. For now, his goal was to get stronger, and expand his army for the future.

In the ruins, the three of them headed off in different directions to search at a faster pace. The five dragons had split off to explore another ruins, making the search even faster.

By fighting one at a time, they would be able to share the experience earned between them. Of course, Ye Qin had devised another plan as well, the dragons could fight each other, he hasn't tested it yet, but it may work out.

By defeating each other, they may be able to gain xp that way, making them grow even while inside the monster sea. In this way, he would be able to grow even faster, as though the huge disparity in the amount of xp he needed per level was as low as other monsters that other people had.

Back towards him, he went through a pathway by himself, while the other two had split off to search elsewhere. Along the way, some monsters popped out to become xp for him.

Finally, he arrived at the end of the passage. Stepping out, he found himself surrounded by high walls that were endless. Nothing else but walls and water were seen, however, he could sense some presences under the water.

Judging by the aura, there were at least ten thousand of them.

[Monster: Big Claw Lobsters]

[Level: 40]

[Grade: Rare]

[Type: Sea creature]

[Element: Water]

[Additional Info: Lobsters with huge claws that can fire a water cannon, or used to pinch its foes to death. Its pincers can crush steel like a twig, as well as many kinds of metals.]

Over ten thousand of such monsters were hiding below the water. The flood dragon stayed around Ye Qin, while the twin dragons came out in their true forms and fired beams of energy into the water.


The surface of the water exploded. Tens of thousands of large water cannons were seen being fired from beneath the sea of water. While avoiding, the twin dragons continued raining down their energy under the water, killing multiple lobsters at once.


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