Everything will be my way!
269 Chapter 269
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Everything will be my way!
Author :Wing_Span
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269 Chapter 269

Kyon found out (analyzing the bugs he had put around Juno) that her motivation to get stronger and surpass her sister had considerably decreased, especially after she had lived for years in his civilized world, where she had other things to worry about. Besides, she had fallen head over heels in love with the Lovr...

If a soul had a good motivating factor, it evolved twice as fast, without taking into account the increased number and time of training sessions. Without proper motivation, Juno would be completely useless. If she didn't evolve at a faster rate, Kyon would gain at best one stage of cultivation, and it's the same as getting nothing. Therefore, Kyon decided that Juno needed a new incentive and became an object of her hate.

Initially, since the moment Kyon enslaved Juno, he had been restrained only by Bai, who meticulously scanned his granddaughter every time he saw her. After that, Kyon realized that Juno would suffer from irreversible psychological trauma or turn into a limp puppet whose strings had been cut if a slave or a servant took her virginity. After that, he planted the lotus in her soul, which couldn't be taken until a certain time. These three reasons kept him from having some good time with the hated bitch every evening, pumping her for dark emotions, and releasing his hate for her at the same time.

Now Juno wasn't in danger of any traumatic experience because Kyon was no longer a slave, not even a servant. Therefore, he decided to play with her so that she would never forget his dirty games.

«What are you doing?!» – Juno screamed and pushed Kyon away.

«I order you not to resist me.» – Kyon replied gloomily and pulled her harder, biting her pink lips parted in surprise. They were so soft and sweet like marshmallows.

«Hmm?!» – Juno stared at Kyon with disbelief. He frightened her. What was he up to? Why was he so different from Lovr? It was the same person, right? She never felt like a helpless victim of sexual harassment with Lovr, which she constantly did with Kyon!

Lovr's last kiss was so tender, so sweet that she could feel the love wash over her. This nasty jerk sucked on her lips like a monster that wanted to devour her! A bundle of mixed emotions pricked her heart. This time, disappointment prevailed.

Suddenly, Kyon's unfortunate victim felt his long brazen tongue invade her mouth. She reflexively tensed, arching her back, looking at him with her most eloquently pleading expression. Her eyes sparkled with tears of despair.

Kyon slid his hand under her skirt, placed it against her firm taut butt in silk panties, and squeezed it several times. Her protesting moans coupled with pathetic attempts to break free awakened the wild beast inside Kyon, and her floral scent drove him crazy...

The passionate kiss lasted a whole minute. All this time, the shameless scoundrel never stopped pawing her.

Juno was suffering unpleasant, disgusting sensations, which cannot be said about the maniac that was sucking on her lips. His soul radiated diametrically opposite feelings: pleasure, rapture, lust... These intense, pleasant emotions were extremely contagious! Juno rushed to his warmth like a summer bird, surrendering to the flow of his desire. Her face and neck flushed, her emerald green eyes became cloudy, her long eyelashes trembled. She crossed her legs in a feeble attempt to get away from his annoying omnipresent fingers. She felt hot... Very hot. Her heart thundered at a frantic pace, its raging rhythm echoed in her ears

Suddenly, Kyon took her hand and brazenly put it on his groin. Her hand felt something hard, hot, throbbing, hiding behind his pants. All her instincts screamed bloody murder. Until the last moment, Juno naively believed that Lovr wouldn't cross the line, he wouldn't stoop to raping her... However, he seemed to be merciful. Juno was filled with deep resentment... She should have listened to him and get undressed. What if... What if he was testing her?

Juno wanted to embrace her anger and hate but couldn't. This dirty scene had made her too sad. Was she destined to be deflowered by a bastard who believed she was his property?

Juno's hand, led by Kyon, slowly began to unbutton his pants.

Her enchanting eyes filled with panic, her face turned deathly pale, her trembling lips parted in a silent scream. – «Please...»

Kyon was determined to continue, ignoring his victim's pleas when he suddenly swore under his breath. The formations hidden in the corridor showed him that Princess Kara was two meters away from the door... Another second and she would enter the room!

«Your Excellency, even a thousand words won't express my gratitude to you. I vow with my life to be your faithful and diligent student until the end of my days. Thank you for helping my former lady escape from the clutches of this filthy monster…» – Dinah said with reverence, bowing to the awe-inspiring silhouette of her new lady.

Not so long ago, the superior maid learned from her new master about the subjugating formation on lady Juno's forehead. The realization struck her like a thunderbolt. It was now clear why the young lady had been so strange lately, why she kept giving Dinah the cold shoulder, defended her slave in every possible way, upgraded him to a servant, and even helped him become her adopted brother...

Dinah was thrilled to hear that lady Stone had stayed a virgin during this difficult time, but when she saw the dirty lecherous beast going to deflower her, she begged her master on her knees to save the girl. Dinah was ready to put her life on the line to get help for lady Juno.

In the end, the goddess agreed to help, but the roots of Dinah's hatred for Kyon went even deeper. If the great master allowed her to get even with him, Dinah would be the happiest person in the world!

A devilishly charming girl with perfect make-up, dressed in a most revealing outfit entered Juno's room. She was wearing high-heeled shoes, fishnet stockings, a mini skirt that barely covered her hips, and a burgundy blouse that looked more like a torn piece of cloth.

Her eyes sparkled with excitement, her facial expression and the way she walked spoke of her indecency and lewdness. Making eye contact with her for more than a second could seduce any male. All in all, it was not difficult to guess the purpose of her visit.

«I am so happy to see you, my sweet little doll!» – Kara gently hugged the cute girl who was sitting on the bed. She took the astonishment on Juno's face as a sign of her impressive appearance. Her sexual clothes and impeccable make-up must have left Juno too stunned to speak!

If Juno had not lived in Lovr's world for some years, she would still be a victim of negative stereotypes about demons. She had been brainwashed with horror stories about them since her childhood, and now... Now she thought, Kara was just a perverted friend with quirks.

«Look…I...» – Juno whispered the order that Kyon had mentally given her. – «I am kind of busy at the moment. I'll see you later…»

«No way!» – Kara exclaimed resolutely, taking Juno's hand and locking fingers with her. – «Don't even try to get away from me! After your enchanting performance at the tournament, I am not leaving you alone! Tell me, kitty, how dared you hide your monstrous talent from your best friend?!» – Kara asked cheerfully, flashing her a smile

Kyon tried a couple more times to get rid of the annoying demoness until he realized the futility of his attempts. Juno resisted his orders! She distorted his words and deliberately behaved in a silly way. She must have realized that she would have a hard time if Kara left. It couldn't go on like this, or Kara might suspect something, and then he would have a hard time. He could only lay low until her visit was over.

Kyon couldn't figure out what was wrong. Somehow, he had a bad feeling about this. Considering Lovr's inherent bad luck, it was surprising that lightning hadn't struck him yet! Hold on a minute...

A wave of total panic swept across Juno's mind. How could she avoid catastrophe? As soon as she was alone, the under-bed monster would finish what he had started at once! Juno couldn't let Kara go... She had to give away Kyon. Let the demoness take him to her den of lust and desire. He was a good match for her!

For a whole minute, Juno fought with Kyon in her head, trying to resist his orders. She made hints to Kara, acting dumb on purpose... However, Kara didn't respond. Where was her devilish intuition at this important moment? What was on her mind? Oh, well... It wasn't hard to guess! Juno was surrounded by perverts...

Suddenly Juno felt… weird. She felt a pleasant chill touch upon her soul, enter her heart and spread through the blood vessels into every cell of her body. It was refreshing like swimming in a crystal clear mountain lake.

As soon as the chill enveloped her entire body, Juno felt an insanely strong attraction for Kara as if she had finally seen that her friend was a real treasure! Her soul mate! Kara was the one who Juno could and should trust, the one who would never betray or deceive her! Juno wasn't looking at a perverted, lustful demoness, but her close relative she met after many years of separation! She even wanted to hug her.

When Kara saw a glint of adoration in Juno's eyes, she breathed a sigh of relief. She stopped worrying at once. Kara was so anxious that her plan would go down the drain that she didn't follow the conversation. She was afraid it would never work.

The demoness gave Juno a predatory smile and pulled her dear girl close in a gentle embrace.

«What are you doing, Kara?!» – Juno muttered uncertainly.

The princess languidly whispered in her ear. – «I'm just hugging my friend. What's the big deal? Go on, you were saying something…» – She switched to the previous conversation as if nothing had happened, as if her embrace meant nothing but a friendly gesture.

Juno continued the story. She was perplexed. What was going on? Why did she let her friend paw her? It was humiliating! Just a moment ago, she would have kicked Kara out! She was no longer a base phaser. Juno had become much stronger and could defeat even a noble phaser in the beginning stages. She had lived in Lovr's world for years, after all! Her self-esteem and pride had reached a whole new level, and she wouldn't let anyone manipulate her. Well, with the exception of one annoying bastard... And yet, the mere thought of hurting her friend made her heart hurt...


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