Dungeon Master
4 Chapter 3
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Dungeon Master
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4 Chapter 3

The tutorial phase is staring. This will give y a brief description of your system and as a dungoem lord can eventually create a different world unlike anything else where your monsters or creations live and where you rule over them as there loyalty is flawless. "What species of monster would you like to pick you lordship".Your choice will change your dungeon and area around dungeon entrance."I will choose goblins and slimes because this two do not need to underestimate them and also Elementals. "Oh really this two of the monster are normally used at pawns to the higher level creatures your lordship. That is where the will be the most dangerous because of there numbers. "Ok your choose is confirm. Now I'll show you the building part. You can either start with a prebuilt dungeon or base for where your monsters will be able to live and respawn to continue to fight afther the adventure leaves. So Rose I can say buld a forest floor layout or could just copy the other floors or change the layout of a prebuilt floor cool. Correct now before you are allow to start your own dungeon you will be have to face one for there dungeon area.And them go to the dungeon school.
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