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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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Some women were noble in their beauty, while others were aloof in their beauty. There were also some that were incredibly seductive in their beauty.

It was clear that Lin Yuqi belonged to the last of these categories. Her beauty was no match for that of the Empress, but she was definitely the type of beauty who would cause men to want to take off their pants at first sight.

"Oh, isn't this Little Brother Han?" Lin Yuqi's habit of teasing others hadn't changed a single bit. A seductive glimmer instantly appeared in her eyes upon seeing Ling Han, and she was already starting to act flirtingly.

The Empress smiled faintly, her majestic gaze immediately sweeping over.

"S-Sister!" Like a mouse that had seen a cat, Lin Yuqi instantly became obedient. In fact, she even lowered her head and started fiddling with the corner of her sleeves. The domineering nature of this Empress was still fresh in her mind, and thus she didn't dare to act out of line at all.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "It seems like business hasn't been good lately."

"Sigh, don't mention it. It's much worse than just not good. In fact, our shop has been completely deserted." There was a troubled look on Lin Yuqi's face, and she said in exaggeration, "I'm so poor right now that I almost have to sell my body for a living."

If the Empress hadn't been present, she would have definitely made eyes at Ling Han already. She would then ask if he was interested in becoming her sugar daddy. Now, however, she could only bite her tongue. This made her feel slightly stifled.

A leopard couldn't change its spots. Even if she forced herself, she still couldn't act seriously.

"Then let me introduce you to a business," Ling Han said.

Lin Yuqi looked at him with a suspicious expression before asking, "You really want to introduce me to a brothel?"


Ling Han shook his head before retrieving some Godly metal, and saying, "I want you to help me sell this Godly metal. Moreover, I also want to buy some low-level Godly metal myself. I'm happy with anything from Level 11 to Level 13."

He had far too much Level 14 Godly metal, and thus he could sell the majority of it and use what he earned to purchase Level 11 to Level 13 Godly metal. This Godly metal could then be used to level up his Divine Demon Sword.

"Gasp! Level 14 Godly metal!" Lin Yuqi dashed over and essentially snatched the Godly metal from Ling Han's hands. "Oh my word! How many people did you rob? You actually managed to obtain this much high-level Godly metal? It's just that it's a little strange. This Godly metal seems to look like…"

There was a suspicion in her mind, yet she didn't dare to believe it.

Ling Han couldn't help but smile and say, "Look like tiles?"

Indeed, he had removed these pieces of Godly metal from those stairs. They didn't just look like tiles, but were legitimately tiles.

Lin Yuqi nodded in reply. However, she merely thought that Ling Han was joking. This was Level 14 Godly metal! Who would use it as simple floor tiles? How extravagant would one need to be?

With a strange expression, she asked, "This is a pharmacy, yet you want me to sell Godly metal?"

"Can you not?" Ling Han asked.

Lin Yuqi mulled over this for a moment. This was Level 14 Godly metal, so there were definitely few customers who could afford it. However, it could definitely attract many visitors who wanted to lay their eyes on it. That being the case, wouldn't her pharmacy become bustling with people?

She immediately nodded, and said, "I can!" She then made eyes at him, and said, "You've helped me so much. Perhaps you want me to repay you with my body?"

Ling Han ignored her, saying, "I don't want even a single True Origin Stone. All I want you to do is exchange it for Level 11 to Level 13 Godly metal. Also, take this ring. There's more Godly metal inside here. I'm fairly sure that it's enough to purchase the Godly metal that I want." Ling Han handed her a spatial ring.

Lin Yuqi was astonished. Just the few slabs of Level 14 Godly metal that he had handed her were already indescribably expensive, yet he actually had more? She used her divine sense to inspect the spatial ring, and she almost fainted because of what she saw.

'Good heavens! There's a small mountain of Godly metal inside!' Although she hadn't inspected each piece carefully, she could say with absolute certainty that they were all high-level Godly metal!

'Aren't you afraid of me stealing them?'

As if reading her thoughts, Ling Han immediately unleashed his aura.

"Eternal River Tier!" Lin Yuqi was astounded. Just then, she hadn't been able to detect Ling Han's cultivation level. However, if Ling Han actively unleashed his aura, she would easily be able to determine his cultivation level. After all, the Treasure Forest Pavilion also had many elites at the Eternal River Tier.

However, how many years had it been? Yet, Ling Han had already advanced from the Sun Moon Tier to the Eternal River Tier! This was simply unfathomable!

At this rate, wouldn't he advance to become a Saint soon?

Who dared to steal a Saint's belongings?

Lin Yuqi had indeed thought about taking the Godly metal and fleeing back to Cloud Apex Planet. However, this thought had only lingered in her mind for a split-second. What a joke; how could she offend such a freak?

Ling Han waved his hand, and said, "I'll return in a few years." He then wrapped his arm around Empress Luan Xing's waist and took his leave.

"This brat is truly going to defy the heavens!" Lin Yuqi shook her head, and remarked, "Perhaps he'll already be a Saint the next time that we meet."


Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing quickly arrived back where the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was. How could Ling Han leave his beautiful wife alone for too long?

In any case, there was no better place to cultivate than the Black Tower, no? Moreover, Ding Ping and Jiuyao could simply return to the academy from time to time to collect their cultivation resources and also gather some information.

Time flew by, and it wasn't long before nine years had already passed.

One day, scorching flames suddenly burst from the corpses of the three Phoenix Kings. It was as if they were going to rise from the ashes and obtain a new life.

Ling Han immediately rushed over upon detecting this, yet a small starship had already soared into the sky and started flying toward Wood Figure Planet. Ling Han pondered for a moment and decided to ignore this starship. Instead, he channeled a cultivation technique that changed his physique as well as his appearance. He then charged toward the group of cultivators that were still guarding this area.

Those who remained as guards here naturally wouldn't be powerful elites. Thus, they were all knocked unconscious by Ling Han before they even had time to react.

If a Saint wanted to come here from Wood Figure Planet, they would be able to do so in just a short moment. However, that starship would need at least three days to arrive at Wood Figure Planet. Thus, Ling Han still had three days to act.

He gazed at the corpses of the three Phoenix Kings, and determined that they were most likely consuming the very last of their power. Their corpses had become transparent, and he could see the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden's seemingly weightless body among them. Her body was curled into a ball, with her arms wrapped around her knees. Meanwhile, her silky hair was seemingly soaring toward the sky.

"Wife, you've got to hurry up," Ling Han murmured. "Otherwise, we'll have no option but to flee from this galaxy if we're discovered by some Saint." If a Saint witnessed her current state, they would be able to easily link her to the treasures of this place. Moreover, her relationship with Ling Han was no secret. Thus, all of them would be indicted along with her.

Two days passed, and the flames of the Phoenix Kings also burned to an extreme before suddenly dying down. However, a new burst of flame immediately replaced it as the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden proudly rose into the sky. A pair of wings that measured tens of thousands of meters in length was unfurled behind her. The wingspan was unchanged, yet the divine patterns that decorated the wings were numerous times more complex than before.

This wasn't an elevation in cultivation level, but rather an elevation in essence and quality. This was analogous to the Star Sand Saint using a drop of his Saint King blood essence to elevate the natural talent and physique of his son. The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had also undergone a similar transformation, though the benefits that she had received were countless times more impressive than what the Star Sand Saint's son had received.

After all, the Star Sand Saint hadn't even dared to touch the corpses of the three Phoenix Kings!

"Wife!" Ling Han shouted. The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden immediately opened her eyes before flapping her wings and flying into Ling Han's embrace. She wore a look of excitement as she retracted her wings.

This was only natural as she hadn't seen Ling Han in many years.

"Let's go!" Ling Han said as he retrieved the Cloud Piercing Shuttle. They all jumped aboard, and the Cloud Piercing Shuttle immediately soared into the sky. After taking some detours, they started to return to Wood Figure Planet from a completely different direction.

It was also at this moment that a thick golden path unfurled from Wood Figure Planet—this was the sign of a Saint traveling over.


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