Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
77 Side story Donna“s Scary Bunny Problem
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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77 Side story Donna“s Scary Bunny Problem

Donna is sleeping happily while hugging a small doll. Wilbur nudges her, trying to gently wake up the small girl. "Princess, breakfast is ready," he says quietly. "mun, non, hmm," Donna mumbles while scrunching her forehead. She squeezes her doll and rolls away, from the offending hand.

The bearded father sighs. "Okay, come on," he whispers as he scoops the girl onto his shoulder. "Let's go eat," he says lovingly as he takes the girl outside.

"Bright," the girl complains while shoving her head, into her father's neck. "The sun is here to say good morning," he comforts the girl. "Mornin sun," Donna says well rubbing her eyes.

After eating Wilbur goes to work in the gardens. Donna is sent to play at the gathering point, where the adults can keep an eye on her. She plays with her doll for a while, until a bunny hops towards her.

"Fluffy, come here!" Donna squeals with excitement. The rabbit surprised by the sudden noise freezes. It's nose twitching as it stares in fear, at the little girl.

The girl jumps up and runs at the bunny. "Fluffy!" she yells as she stumbles towards it. The rabbit hops away in fear. They soon find themselves running in a circle.

After a few minutes, a frustrated Donna flops down, breathing heavily. "To tired," she states. The young girl eyes the bunny tears starting to form in her eyes.

But before she starts crying, she remembers her snack. "Time to eat yummies." She says. She then pulls some caramelized berries, from her little handbag. The girl excitedly pops a berry, into her mouth. She then holds her cheeks sweetly. "mmm," she hums. The berry has a sweetness that makes her taste buds dance.

The rabbit notices the treat and hops slowly over. "You want snack fluffy?" Donna asks. Her eyes jump between the cute bunny and her snack. "Alright, you can have one," she says reluctantly.

The young girl holds a berry out while closing her eyes. She didn't want to watch her snack get eaten. But she still wanted to pet the bunny. After taking some cautious hops towards Donna. The rabbit gives in and jumps right to the fruit. After giving it a few sniffs, it starts nibbling on the beery.

With it distracted Donna slowly places her hand, on the bunny. Its heartbeat quickens as it tenses up. She can feel it's whole body heaving up and down. But after a minute of nothing happening. The rabbit starts eating again. Donna took this as consent and gleefully pets the bunny.
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After finishing its berry, the bunny hops away. "Bye, bye, fluffy!" She yells while waving at the rabbit.

The next day there were two bunnies much to the delight of Donna. She cringes when she has to give up, two of her snacks. Still, she enjoys the soft fluffies.

The day after however, there were a dozen rabbits looking at the girl. "No, I want my snack!" Donna cries. Of course, rabbit's don't understand human speech. They soon hop towards Donna.

They jump all over her waiting for food. "No, fluffies bully," she complains. She struggles to her feet, holding her bag and doll close to her chest.

"Daddy!" she screeches. The girl runs as fast as her little legs will carry her, towards the garden. "What's wrong!" Wilbur hollers. He quickly drops what he is doing and runs to his daughter.

Seeing all the rabbits chasing her is the cutest thing he ever saw. Still, he protectively scoops up the girl. The rabbits are no longer scared of humans. So they hop all around him waiting for food.

They soon appease the rabbits with a carrot. Laurel laughed and poked the girl's cheek. "You shouldn't feed wild animals," she lectures. Vickie suggests keeping them in a pen. "If we ever need emergency food we can eat them. Also if we let them go before long, we'll have an army of the hungry buggers, eating our gardens," She explains.

That's how a small pen of rabbits was created in the village. Donna also learned not to feed fluffies.


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