Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
73 Battling the Universe
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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73 Battling the Universe

The Universe's Protector quickly arrives next to Enyo. It sends out a wave of dimensional attacks smashing into Enyo. Enyo covers her body with her arms as an energy shield appears in front of her deflecting the attacks.

"I'm a follower of Evelyn's path of kicks! As it was in the past today you can do nothing to stop me," Enyo announces. With that, she lifts her foot over her head, focusing all of her might. She then unleashes the tension in her muscle as her foot barrels down, creating an arc of dense blazing red energy in front of her. It flies up towards the Universe's steward threatening to destroy everything in its path.

A crack in time appears next to the steward. Inside two bemused people fly in the sky. One was a beauty beyond reason. Her short skirt doesn't give her any modesty, and her long golden hair is tied up into a ponytail. Next to her is a plain-looking man with a green cloak. His brown hair is neatly cut and short. His eyebrows are thick, giving his eyes a piercing glare. On his lips is a crooked smile that seems to say 'please amuse me.'

The woman giggles joyfully. "You want to play?" she asks. She then casually kicks up as if she didn't take the attack coming at her seriously. A conflicting arc of white quickly flies out to clash with Enyo's kick.

Enyo observes the collision with confidence. However, her attack is quickly gobbled up by the woman's counter. On closer inspection Enyo sees that the white streak seems to distort the world around it. The energy is so thick that gravity and light bends around it.

Enyo grits her teeth at this discovery. Her leg muscles bulge as she rapidly throws a barrage of kicks out while raising her defenses. While kicking she reaches out her hands weaving an array of complex symbols in front of her. The armor glows creating a thick shield that surrounds and expand out from Enyo.

Everything that is thrown at the white arc is knocked aside like a child attacking an adult. It covers the distance between them in an instance crashing into Enyo. Enyo's armor cracks with the force as she swept towards the ground. "Argh!" She screams as her body is crushed, and her soul takes damage. She smashes into the ground, and her body explodes as the earth splits.

The man nudges the woman reminding her, "You're going to destroy everything."

The woman jumps as she realizes. She sticks out her tongue and puts her hand on her head in a cute pose. "Oops, I almost forgot. Teehee," she responds. The shameless woman then waves her hand and winks down at where Enyo fell.
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With that, the white arc vanishes as if it never was there. Enyo reconstitutes her body in the crevice the attack created. She lies there coughing out blood and retching. While rebuilding a body is easy soul damage is tough to heal. She looks up at the two wistfully. "It's true what they say… We're in decline," She sighs.

As the time crack begins to close the woman states, "isn't she cute? I want her."

'It truly was Evelyn and Raul,' she muses. "I'm flattered I wouldn't mind being gobbled up by you," she mumbles with delirium.

Things seem to calm down as Enyo is no longer able to fight the pressure on the world lessens significantly. As the Universe's protector moves to finish off Enyo, it suddenly hesitates. Enyo's eyes bulge as well as she looks up at the sky.

The crack that had open suddenly starts to reform. This time, however, heavenly lightning and time distortions flood out into reality. Green energy seeps out from the crack as it's forced open with unbelievable might.

As it opens large enough for a person to walk through, Evelyn pops her head through. "Now, now, you stupid construct. You didn't think you could just play and leave, did you?" She teases with her hand over her mouth.

"Perhaps it thought it was safe because of the time difference?" Raul muses.

"I wish it had a face right now! Thinking we wouldn't be willing to destroy this dimension. We can just escape to another one idiot," Evelyn laughs and sticks out her tongue.

"Anyways, come here!" Evelyn commands sending out a gigantic golden hand into the rift. It slowly moves to scoop up Enyo as it's about to grasp the women existence; itself starts falling apart.

"It looks like it's too much," Raul comments casually.

Evelyn glances at Raul and pokes him in the stomach. "You did care after all. Fine, I'll collect you later," she pouts. Then she waves her hand sending a mark into Enyo.

Enyo grips her chest coughing black blood. The mark seers into her soul, causing even more damage than the attack. "EEEAah," she screeches as her soul is racked with fire.

"It's cute when she screams first. You'll be screaming with pleasure later," Evelyn winks as she pops back through the schism.

"This has been settled, understand," Raul demands while looking at the Universe's protector. His tame demeanor shatters as his thick eyebrows meet. His sidelong smile never leaves his lips as if he's daring anyone to defy him.

Those watching have a sudden feeling of dread when viewing this man. It's as if their souls want to escape and flee. Though they don't remember their past life somewhere in their soul, they still feel the terror of this man. Even these bold watchers wipe off a cold sweat and conceal themselves with countless inscriptions.

Raul then turns away his cloak billowing behind him as the fissure in time and space closes back up. Sparks fly and reality seems to lurch giving everyone in the universe an uneasy feeling. A universe that has lasted this long is as stable as a mountain and things quickly settle back down.

The Universe's steward hesitates but in the end, decides to leave Enyo disappearing back into the void. Enyo crawls out of her hole her body a complete mess. As quick as she regenerates it deteriorates again. The bones shattering and reforming makes it hard for her to move. Cuts appear and then seal up as she bleeds all over.

Eventually she takes to the sky as she limps over to the Sunny Spring sect. While for her it is slow the speed that she moves at is still beyond the speed of sound. She quickly reaches her friend's sect and collapses.

"You haven't changed. This is why your daughter is like this," Catherine scolds as she catches her old friend. "Let's take her inside," she says to her disciples.

"Mom!" Elanor yells grabbing onto Enyo. She takes her mom's right arm and helps carry her in.

After hours of work that tested even the skill of Catherine Enyo is stabilized. Catherine rubs her shoulders and complains, "I hid here, so I didn't have to do this sort of thing anymore." She looks at Elanor who still clung to her mom's hand. "You take care of her. I'm going to the hot spring," She says while smacking Elanor's head.

A few days later Enyo wakes up. Elanor is still next to her, making sure she's protected. Enyo reaches out and pats Elanor on the back Startling her. "Mom!" Elanor yells as she hugs Enyo.

"I overdid it a bit. Things are still on course though. You be strong and learn how to heal. Next time I'll let you stitch me," Enyo jokes with her daughter.

Elanor's eyes turn red once again as tears threaten. "You shouldn't get beat up! Stupid mom," She complains.

"Sorry," Enyo apologizes while caressing her daughters head. She then looks at the doorway and asks, "How long will it take for me to recover?"

Catherine scoffs and walks in. "After all this you should be in bed for at least ten years eating soul rejuvenating divine medicine. But I know that you won't wait that long," Catherine replies while rubbing her forehead. "If you hold back for a year and seriously rest, you might be able to do some light fighting," she concedes.

Enyo nods resolutely, "That should be fine. Things won't really pop off for awhile. Just the threat of me coming to the front lines should deter them for now."


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