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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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72 Secret Boon

Enyo leaves her daughter's camp with a furrowed brow. 'Now isn't the time to waiver. She'll understand eventually,' she thinks as she quickly appears over the village. She floats far above the sleeping village. The crescent moon surrounds her as the stars shine down and mingle with Enyo's golden hair.

"So it's true this is where you are hiding," Enyo whispers as she gazes down at a small shack. Enyo then conceals herself from the world. She wraps herself with dimensional energy making the light wrap around her as if she is as clear as air. Enyo then sucks in her ambient energy concealing it within a compressed ball around her.

She then removes her clothes. Once done, she swipes her hand to the side, opening a separate dimension. She throws her clothes inside and extracts her Divine armor. The golden armor shimmers in the moonlight as the powerful inscription light up. She then equips the armor and sighs. "It's almost time get ready," she states, sending her voice into the cosmos.

With just a thought, she is standing on the hill overlooking the town. At her current strength, it's hard for her to interact with the world casually. Even moving at a speed that is visible to the negate eye takes effort.

A Bull with sizeable black horn sleeps next to Enyo's feet. Enyo pats the bulls head gently yet the demonic beast still doesn't rouse. She then looks down at John. The bush has no leaves and looks pretty pathetic at the moment. John would be embarrassed if he knew he is being inspected like this.

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  Enyo gently reaches out and grabs one of John's branches. She shakes it and smiles at the bush. "Thank you for taking care of my girl. Even Catherine has a hard time getting her to do anything of value," she says. Enyo then looks out at the village and continues, "Yet here she is taking care of kids and training a small village. I truly can't believe it. She's finally growing up." A tear falls down Enyo's face.

Enyo then opens her dimensional space again, grabbing a large bag from it. "Such a deed must be rewarded," she declares as she dumps out the contents of the sack. A dark black pile of dirt falls out of the bag. This dirt is filled with nutrients and microorganisms the likes this world has never seen. "Perhaps by the time you rise up and leave this planet this world will be transformed," She comments.

"Now that the niceties are over it's time to do the important work," Enyo says gazing over to Anna's shack. She nonchalantly throws the sack over her shoulder into her dimensional rift. Enyo then appears inside the shed.

As she's about to walk over to Anna a young boy catches her eye. He's sleeping on the other side of the shack. Next to him an ancient flag hangs. "This might be too much for this boy," she frowns as she thinks of her daughter. She then reaches out and taps the boy's forehead. A slight gleam penetrates it before disappearing.

Enyo then looks over at Anna, who is sleeping next to Arron. Neither stirs as she reaches out for Anna's forehead. She gently lays her hand on her head and smiles. "Even now the Lamenters claw their way back up. You've done well, but your blood has soaked the ground too much. It's now filled with mud," she speaks to Anna though no sound reaches the woman's ears.

Enyo then sits on the bed while stroking Anna raven hair. "Well, I don't agree with our mothers handling of the wars. I do agree on one thing. The Emerald King wasn't worth fighting for. He was nothing like Raul. The fool tried to copy Raul, but in the end, he ended up trapped and controlled by his contracts," Enyo explains.

Enyo traces her hand down Anna's face all the way down her body until she reaches her stomach. Her eyes pierce Anna, looking right at a few cells. They seem to quiver without knowing why. Enyo smiles kindly saying, "Elanor requires her Raul. I can only rely on you. In the future, take care of her," she coos at Anna's stomach.

Enyo looks back up at Anna sympathetically. "Don't worry, it won't be like my pregnancy. It's time to fulfill both our heartfelt wishes. The revival of the true Emerald Family!" she confides as her hand begins to glow.

The divine energy flows out from Enyo's hand and seeps into Anna's womb. The soul residing in the few cells shakes. Enyo even feels that it's dancing with excitement. Anna shivers as her body innately feels her baby change.

She looks over at Arron and reassures him, "Don't worry, it's still your child. I just unleashed its latent bloodline."

Enyo stands up and looks down at the two with an accomplished smile. She then sighs. "You did come after all. This isn't something that should've invoked you," Enyo complains as she clenches her fist.

She then turns around as fiery streaks appear in her blood-colored eyes. "Universe Steward this is not your place to interfere!" Enyo states while preparing to defend her self.

To Enyo's, surprise the Universe steward ignores her and speed towards Anna. "You dare!" Enyo yells as she dashes towards the circular distortion that is the universe's protector. Yet she is to slow as she reaches out she desperately threatens, "do you believe that Raul Emerald won't return and rampage once more?!"

The question makes the steward pause. It calculates the likely hood of the god interfering. As it recently dealt with him on the outskirts of reality, it came to the conclusion that it was about 50/50. The Universe's Steward is just a construct so doesn't show fear, but it is tasked with making sure things continue.

Seeing that her threat was effective, Enyo flashes away to an empty location in deeper into the Unbroken Region. "It is I that broke the rules. Those people are just innocent victims!" she informs the Universe's Steward.

As she floats over the Unbroken Region, she unleashes all of her power. The whole planet begins to shake and crack. Panic spreads throughout the world. The laypeople collapse frothing at the mouth. Even those who have cultivated in the lower six have a hard time breathing falling to their knees. Those who did not believe in religion suddenly did as they prayed to be saved. Even a person of Elanor's strength felt confined as she looks in the direction of her mother in shock. Only people like Catherine could move about freely.

As Enyo unleashes her strength all across the universe, powerful Harlyn clan members explode with their own might. All of existence suddenly lights up as if thousands of new stars are emerging.

Every planet has a few powerful cultivators hiding on it for various reasons. Whether they be like Catherine and are taking a vacation or are criminals hiding from their pursuers. With the Enyo letting loose a dozen set of eyes fall on her.

Those powers that are hiding in this planet shook in their boots. Some tried to escape the planet fearing for their lives. Others suppressed themselves deeper to survive this catastrophe. A few even boldly watch the action.

The ones that burst out of their holes found themselves intercepted by Harlyn forces. "This is a restricted area. You can all die!" The commander yells with drawn swords. With that, they are surrounded and cut down.

The commander looks down at the small planet as it visibly deforms under pressure. "Stay in your rotten holes and don't even think of sending out messages!" she demands to those that stayed on the planet.

If the world weren't being supported by the Universe's protector and Enyo it would have shattered into dust. This is why only properly reinforced planets housed large clans. Average worlds couldn't even take a glance of Enyo under normal circumstances.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》