Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
67 Elanor Loses her Composure
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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67 Elanor Loses her Composure

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This will be an intense schedule for me considering it's basically just a hobby that makes a few bucks a month. Still I hope to continue this way until I run out of stories. If you would like to help out please give what you can!


Back in the camp, everyone is panicking due to Laurel's sudden impairment. Elanor's energy explodes outward as she increases her senses to the max. She desperately searches for a hidden enemy to explain the sudden attack. However, she can't sense anything that could secretly attack Laurel without her noticing.

"What's wrong!" Franklin yells over in shock.

Everyone runs and gathers around Laurel. Fear and worry fill their faces as Elanor lays the girl on the ground. Elanor shakes her head in frustration.

"It can only be her diviner's eyes. Maybe she saw something that made her faint?" Elanor guesses.

"Why did this suddenly happen? She's never passed out before because of the eyes," Franklin asks.

Elanor frowns and sends energy into Laurel's body to try and rouse her. "I don't know enough about diviner eye's they are scarce no matter how you look at it," She explains.

As they watch over Laurel, they see her closed eyes twitch about as if she's panicking. Her body shifts about with quick jolts causing the boys to stand back. Elanor watches on remaining close in case she needs to aid Laurel at some point. She places the girl's head on her lap to at least give her a pillow.

"You guys get back to building the tents. Laurel will be mad at you when she wakes up, and you didn't do anything," Elanor jokes lightening the mood.

The boys nod and turn away. Franklin glances at the two worriedly, but he soon joins the rest. They start their work back up, but this time the mood had dampened significantly.

Then the foundation energy in Laurel's body surges to her right arm. The girl lashes out towards the sky. Elanor bites her lower lip as she watches Laurel's energy deteriorate quickly. The girl's arm shakes, and her finger twitches as if every nerve was being electrocuted.

Elanor grasps Laurels hand and try's to sooth and support it with her own energy. To her frustration though it has no effect. No matter how much she pushed in, almost none entered Laurel's body. It was as if even though her body was physically here, there was still a great distance between them.

Laurel body jerks about quickly. It's clear that she's has been pulled into a life and death battle. 'I hate that I'm stuck here watching. I want to fight too!' Elanor complains to herself.
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After the second strike, Laurel's arm falls limp to the ground. Elanor grimaces as she uses her powerful senses to inspect the arm. The blood vessels were backed up, and the meridian strained to the limit. Her body cut off the arm from her nervous system to stop the extreme sensory information.

"Come on damn it. Can I do nothing?!" Elanor curses under her breath. Elanor's muscles bulge as she restrains her anger. She once again tries to support Laurel by sending massive amounts of energy towards her. Yet only a small trickle seems to enter the girl's body. Over and over, Elanor sends power into the void. "Don't give me this shit she's right here," she says smoldering with indignation.

Then Laurel's arm jerks forward one last time. Her arm explodes in gruesome fashion right in front of Elanor. The blood flows on to the forest floor like a fountain. "Crap! Guys I'm going to take her back. Be careful and don't die while I'm gone," Elanor quickly commands. She scoops up Laurel with great care keeping the shattered arm firmly against her body.

Pumch, the ground under Elanor sinks into a round pit as she stamps her foot to leave. Like a blur, she flies through the Unbroken Region. Each step making a large hole in the ground. Trees snap in two as she just smashes through them. Even demonic beasts that are unlucky enough to be passing by are destroyed by the sonic boom that follows behind the two women.

In only a few minutes Elanor traversed the distance they'd moved in an entire day. The village in the clearing appears like a glittering oasis to Elanor. She rushes to the medical tent to the surprise of Rosie and Kendra.

"Back already?" Kendra says while rolling her eyes.

"There's no time you need to help Laurel!" Elanor exclaims, ignoring Kendra's taunt.

Rosie and Kendra look at Elanor in shock. The only things that would rattle Elanor were treasures and her beauty. Yet this Elanor was disheveled with twigs in her hair for this girl.

Rosie produces a new bed from her interspatial ring allowing Elanor to set Laurel down. Kendra scoffs while looking at the devastation. "You can't even keep some kids safe in the unbroken region?" Kendra asks incredulously.

There are now strips of colorful silk wrapped around Laurel's right arm. Rosie carefully peels it away as the blood drains onto the floor. Both Kendra and Rosie look closely at the wound. Rosie manipulates her glasses to zoom in on the arm and inspect the energy flow. Kendra's eyes glow a faint yellow as she does the same.

Rosie nits her brow even her curiosity is peaked by such a grievous wound. "How did this happen? Usually, this should be impossible for a foundation stage cultivator," Rosie asks Elanor.

"I suspect it's some attack from her diviner's eyes… Even when I was holding her, it felt like we were an infinite distance apart," Elanor explains with distant eyes.

Kendra rubs her head in frustration and says, "A muscle brained woman like you really is useless. It seems she returned to normal, so the diviner eyes ordeal is over," Kendra analyzes.

Elanor sighs in relief she'd been too focused on getting help to check along the way. "So what do you think about the arm?" Elanor questions.

"Well, it's not like we can't heal her…" Kendra looks over at Rosie.

"The thing is the recovery process will be quite long. We weren't really planning on settling here," Rosie added.

Elanor nods while holding her hand over her pounding heart in relief. "I understand. If you can stabilize her, we can just leave it to master," she responds.

"Master will be angry if you keep bothering her," Kendra says while pointing arrogantly at Elanor.

Rosie ignores them and focuses her glasses down on the arm. She starts to weave healing inscriptions around the torn-up arm. As she works, she says, "I think even master wouldn't want to lose such a rare specimen."

Elanor jumps in happy to shore up her point, "That's right! Elanor is a rare girl. Even if there is trouble later, I'll just have to deal with it then. You just get to work." She then gives Kendra a gentle push.

"Fine!" Kendra says while jerking her arm away from Elanor's touch. "If you ever tried to learn you'd be able to help her too. But look at you shaking and begging for help," Kendra says with scorn as she starts assisting Rosie.

Elanor bites her lip in frustration but she has no come back. 'Maybe I should try to learn a little,' Elanor contemplates. She then sees the little Donna sleeping while clutching Wilbur's hand. The sheets Donna's head is laying are visibly damp.

Kendra noticing Elanor's gaze once again strikes at her with vicious words, "She cried all day. She only recently fell asleep from exhaustion. The poor girl couldn't decide why she was sad. Whether it was her Dad being brutally beaten or that she was left behind and didn't get to go look for treasure. Either way, it's you she should be mad at right?"

"Perhaps your right," Elanor says as she pulls twigs out of her hair. "Still, this is important for all of them. Since things are fine here I'm going to go back to the others," Elanor says as she leaves the tent.

As the sun sets behind the trees Elanor quickly follows her path of destruction back. "It's a lot easier to travel not that all those trees are out of the way," She laughs to her self. While she isn't rushing it still only takes her half an hour to return to the campsite.

As she nears she hears the clang of metal and the snarl of Demonic beast. She quickly rushes into the camp to see the boys struggling with a pack of wolves. They appear to have been attracted by Laurel's blood.

The boys were grouped together with their damaged swords as they struggled with the beasts. When one of the wolves leap at Franklin he quickly hits it with his sword. However the swords were blunt and were now closer to metal clubs. While still painful causing the wolf to yelp and limp back it wasn't enough to kill these mighty beasts.

The others hadn't fair as well as Franklin with multiple scratches. Still they had performed well only having superficial wounds. Even with their teamwork, the wolves were closing in on them. Forcing them into a corner. They were beginning to sweat with worry.

At this moment Elanor nearly had a blood vessel explode out of her forehead. Elanor starts mumbling between clenched teeth, "I wasn't even gone an hour, not even an hour! Now my nice camp is already in ruin." As she goes on Elanor starts getting louder and louder unable to contain her anger. "My fun little treasure hunt. My camping trip," She yells.

As Elanor rants the boys notice her presence. However they didn't know whether to be happy or scared after seeing her rage. The wolves also turn towards her sensing a strong opponent they back off.

Finally after letting loose all her complaints Elanor can't hold back any longer. "Do you all think I don't exist!" she screams. For the first time in many years she let's loose on the seals hiding her strength.

BANG the air ignites around her as she erupts with rage. The boys are no longer able to look at her as she becomes shrouded with mysterious energies. "That's enough!" Elanor screeches as an energy blast explodes outwards from her.

In the next moment the boys and wolves are flung back by an unseen force. The boys collapse on to the ground after flying nearly 100 feet coughing out blood. Elanor protected the young men at the last moment saving their lives. The wolves, however, joined every tree within a circular mile being uprooted and destroyed.


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