Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
61 A Vow to ones self
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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61 A Vow to ones self

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There have been edits and additions done to the previous chapter. I gave a better description of the technique, a nice paragraph of John collecting the waterlily, and a minor change for the dummies description. The changes were upload 4:33AM CT 9/10/2019 if you read before that please take a moment to go back and read the changes thanks.


The same night a young girl was once again in the dangerous oceans of time. Laurel stood above the turbulent waters with shaky legs. Tonight there were only the two other dancing hers here.

Before Laurel could get her bearings the red-dressed her rushed over. "I'm so glad you're alright! I was so worried," the red-dressed her cried. Laurel was rapped in the red-dressed her's arms and crushed in a bear's hug.

The flexible her in exotic clothes also runs over and jumps on both of them joining the hug. They stay that way for a moment content with sharing this happy moment. Their foreheads touch as the embrace becomes more relaxed. Laurel thought it was strange usually such close contact with someone she'd only met a few times would be uncomfortable. But instead, they all felt at peace together.

Laurel couldn't help but laugh after the tension broke. "I'm fine, alright! Don't worry," she says gleefully.

"That's right we are hugging like this, and we don't even know your name," the red-dressed her said without releasing the hug. The red-dressed her arms were now laid limply around Laurel's neck to give a bit of space.

"Name? I'm Laurel, aren't you guys me? I should know my own name," Laurel responds confused.

The flexible her in exotic clothes explained, "We are so different with completely different lives, how can we have the same name?" She then pokes Laurel's nose with a giggle. She then quickly escapes with a backflip. As she stops she bows and says, "I'm Thalia."

Laurel smiled brightly and says, "That's so strange. Nice to meet you, Thalia!"

The her in the red dress pursed her lips. She is jealous of Thalia's exciting introduction. She gently releases Laurel and spins away, causing her skirt to bloom. As she ends she bows while holding one edge of her dress far up in the air. "I'm Angela! I won't be outdone," She snarks, sticking her tongue out at Thalia.

Laurel almost falls over from laughing as she holds her stomach in pain. The others join in and the laughter of young girls echos off the ocean waves filling the world with mirth. After calming down, they came back together to talk.

Laurel couldn't help but sigh, "I'm jealous. I wish I could dance beautifully too."

Angela grabs her arm comfortingly and replies, "We've been dancing since we were young and you just started. I'm sure you'll be dancing just as well soon enough."

"As long as you're having fun it doesn't matter how you dance," Thalia adds.

"Even if you say that if I don't learn to dance, I'll eventually die, right?" Laurel says pouting.

Angela once again pulls Laurel into a hug. "I'm sorry last time must have been so scary for you."

Laurel shakes her head, "no, it was my fault for not being good enough."

"It all worked out in the end. Aren't you two making to big a deal out of this?" Thalia asks with her head cocks to the side.

"Have some compassion," Angela snaps at Thalia.

Laurel shivers as she remembered the ordeal. "Oh yeah I guess I met a god then," She mentions absentmindedly.

"What? I've never heard of meeting a god in the ocean before!" Angela says in surprise, her eyes opening wide like saucers.

Laurel then explains her ordeal to them. How a babies cry broke reality, and she saw a vision of the battlefield. How it made her feel like her brain was going to explode. Then about the promise to herself thing that she didn't quite understand.

"Alright, that's pretty rough," Thalia agrees, "But at least you got to meet a god. That's pretty awesome!" she says with a thumbs up.

"I'd rather not meet a god if it's going to be like that," Laurel replied with a bitter smile.

Angela holds her chin and furrows her brow in deep thought. 'She looks pretty cute thinking like that,' Laurel thought. She then realized that she was basically complimenting herself and started to blush with embarrassment.

"He must have been talking about us, right? He clearly knew the situation, so we just need to make a promise to each other?" Angela asks.

"I don't know," Laurel admits.
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Thalia wraps her arms around both of their necks and pulls them in. "Who cares what can it hurt to make a promise? Best case scenario something awesome happens worse case nothing right?" She reasons.

Angela shakes her head, unconvinced, "If you make the wrong promise, it could be bad, right?"

"Don't worry. Let's do it," Thalia continued to push.

"Why not?" Laurel asks Angela.

"Fine you win," Angela sighs in exasperation.

Thalia pumps her fist in the air with excitement. "Alright what should we promise?"

Angela shakes her head, "Something minor is best; let 's not make a mistake."

"Right!" Laurel agrees with a nod.

As all three girls focus on what to promise a chant pops into their heads as if it'd always been there. They all look at each other with wordless surprise. When they see that each of them had the same reaction, they didn't know what to do.

"What was that," Laurel whispers fearfully.

Angela crosses her arms as if to hug her self. "A chant invoking a god… That's a bit."

Even Thalia felt apprehension now as she intertwined her fingers nervously. "Isn't that what we wanted though? It was hinted at by a god after all," she rationalizes.

As they shake in fear, Laurel remembers something the officer said. "A promise is like a contract with no binding features," she repeats.

"What does that mean?" Angela asks.

Laurel just shakes her head. Thalia, on the other hand, laughs. "Doesn't that mean it's safe? We can throw it away whenever," Thalia concludes.

"We're invoking a god, a G, O, D," Angela reminds.

Laurel sucks in a deep breath for courage, "Let's do it. He didn't seem to have any ill intent," she says.

The girls look into each other's eyes and nod. With their resolve sit, they begin to chant, "We are of one soul. Though time and dimensions may be between us, we are of one will. We promise by the goddess of chains and bindings that in the darkest of moments we will stand together." As they chant the rattling of chains surround them.

"When we ascend, we will ascend as one. Let the tumultuous time be subdued, and the myriad dimensions bound together. As the three dancers of this one soul, we are as one from this day forth! So promises, Laurel, Angela, Thalia."

Upon completion, golden chains appear from the center of their chest, locking them together. It felt as if their souls had been shaken to their cores. Everyone coughs up blood and turns a pale white. Laurel stumbles dangerously almost falling into the ocean. As she falls the chains pull taught saving her, however, it makes everyone feel uneasy as the chain tugs their souls. Angela and Thalia quickly grab Laurel and hold her tightly as they all try to stabilize themselves.

A goddess covered in chains arms and legs bound by every type of binding smiles down at them. "I guess I'll have to thank Raul," she muses with a kind smile. Though the three didn't know they were visited by a goddess this night, her boon would forever tie them together.


At the Harlyn palace things were in chaos. The most powerful of the clan had gathered to discuss the future. Enyo stood in front of them in the grand hall, surrounded by her peers. She looks at them with fiery eyes.

"It's time we reclaim our past honor! We are no longer held back by the older generation. It is our time. Are we in agreement?" Enyo shouts.

"The Generals agree onward to victory!" The women clad in majestic golden armor respond.

"The truth-seekers are prepared," A woman dawning a green cloak that covered up all her feature confirms.

"The romantics are of one mind as well," the women dressed in revealing clothing giggle.

"Everything has long been prepared. The logistics division is ready," a woman smudged with soot saluted.

"Since we are all women of Harlyn we won't back down. Let them once again shake in fear!" Enyo yells. She then looks to the generals, "Lock down space and prepare to unleash your strength," she commands.

"Yes," the generals say while slapping their chest.

Next Enyo looks to the truth-seekers, "Let them be chained by the truth unable to wiggle free."

"As it was in the time of Evelyn and Raul, it shall be again. Everyone will know the truth and not be able to mislead anyone," the woman cloaked in green confirms.

Enyo now looked at the romantics and ordered, "Pull them into the murky swamp of lust and power."

"Of course dear," a woman from the romantic faction says seductively. She walks forward and wraps her arm around Enyo with a sly smile. She then leans in and whispers in Enyo's ear, "What of the agreement?"

Enyo stands firm only looking at the woman with a sidelong glance. "Don't worry no one will have to lead their love to death," Enyo states. She then pulls the woman in front of her and says in a low voice, "But it's their own fault if they get in our way. Those who contribute more get the credit."

"I'll make sure they all understand," the woman says with fluttering eyes.

Enyo walks over to the logistic leader and pats her shoulder. "It's time to reforge the war horns," She informs.

The logistic leader eyes open wide in surprise. "The expenditure has been approved?" she asks in excitement while grabbing Enyo's arm.

"That's right," Enyo nods. She then turns and addresses everyone, "Now let us go inform the troops."

She then pushes open the large doors to the outside. The leader's of the clan follow her in a unique procession into the sun. The strength of these women could bring down clans by themselves. They strutted onto the landing overlooking the lands miles above the woman made construction could rival mountains. Now as they looked out into the distance the sky and ground were covered with golden armored women all waiting quietly.

"Those old clans cower in fear flinching at the slightest noise. Our mother's while strong cared too much for petty gains. Let the new age begin!" Enyo bellows sending her voice thundering across the whole planet. The sun reflected on Enyo's fluttering golden locks, and her scarlet eyes demanded fresh blood. She could only be called a goddess of war.

"OOOHHHHH," the planet erupted with the endless cheers of Harlyn's warriors shaking it to its foundation.


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