Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
52 Foundation Stage
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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52 Foundation Stage

As the argument happens in the Harlyn clan's domain, a change occurs in Anna. She's broken through to foundation stage. John noticed it in the morning as he looked out over the village. The stagnant energy inside her has begun to flow.

Elanor seldom used energy vision for no reason, so she hasn't noticed yet. Foundation stage is such a minor accomplishment that most wouldn't pay it any mind. From their perspective, these people are still average. In clans and sects, children are expected to manage this feat by the age of five. Of course, they use external medicines and well-tread cultivation manuals to accomplish this.

Before the foundation stage, the dantian and meridians are like a pond with no flowing water murky and fettered. The state of the dantian makes it dangerous to the average person. When a mother lifts a laden cart to save a baby, they do this by drinking from the forbidden pool. A healthy person will notice strained muscles and minor distress. However, a sick or old person may drop dead from the ordeal.

When one enters the foundation stage, a stream starts flowing into the stagnant pond slowly clearing away the toxins of mortal life and purifying the body. Anna, unfortunately, had used her bloodline to force the putrid water to move. By using the secret phrase and stimulating her blood, she caused the dam to break. The energy smashed through her meridians and dantian clogging them and damaging them beyond recognition.

Even if a doctor were able to reset Anna's arm, she would have had many complications in the future. She would have to live with a weak constitution for the rest of her life. Suffering from old age sooner then she should her life would have been a slow walk to death.

John isn't a doctor, and Elanor comes from a family that modifies the human body as a kid plays with clay, so they didn't understand the miracle that happened back then. Catherine Lighthands rebuilding Anna's body was like a complete rebirth for the young mother. If the two other disciples were there, they would have fallen to their knees and once again pledged loyalty to their master.

Catherine Lighthands could only create a miracle of this magnitude by reaching the height of a hero that could just be killed by destroying the brain. An individual that would never deteriorate from old age she's passed into the upper twelve stages of cultivation while leaving her humanity behind in the lower twelve stages. The master of the Sunny Spring sect wouldn't be able to lift his head from the ground if he knew the power Catherine held. Catherine thankfully was a unique cultivator that preferred research and a calm atmosphere. She'd chosen the small sect for its soothing spring and out of the way location.

Even Anna herself hadn't noticed a difference. She does feel more energetic but not to an extreme degree. Foundation stage is easy to fall into. Soldiers often find themselves in the foundation stage without even knowing it. A handful of men hold a pass for days against untold odds or a heroic slaying of an unkillable monster. Feats like those turn into heroic tails and demigods.

John sends his voice to Anna as she leaves with her family to get dinner, "Congratulations!"

Anna pauses her step and looks over at the hill. "For what?" she asks confused.

Franklin and Arron look at notice Anna's pace slow and look at her. Franklin asks "Is John talking to you? What did he say?"

"Congratulations," Anna replies to her son.

"You've reached Foundation stage. You're the first to do so in the village," John informs brightly.

Anna lifts her hands in front of her face and squeezes them a few times. Arron and Franklin give her an odd expression.

Arron asks worriedly, "is everything alright."

"I think so. I guess I entered the foundation stage," Anna unsurely states.

Franklin grabs his mom's arm with excitement. He feels her arm trying to find some change or discover the secret to foundation stage. "Wow, that's amazing mom!"

"Congratulations," Arron says as he wraps his arm around Anna's waste for a side hug.

Anna, however, is distracted by John speaking in her head, "Don't you think it's a good time to talk to Elanor. She doesn't seem like the type to stay in one spot."

After hearing John's console, Anna becomes aware of the commotion around her. "Um yeah thanks," she says offhandedly. "You guys go on without me. I want to talk to Elanor for a bit," She says giving a mild smile to the two. She taps Arron's hand which he retreats. Then she gently pushes Franklin from her arm.

"Ok, mom," Franklin says as his shoulders dejectedly drooping.

Arron pushes Anna's back while grabbing Franklin's shoulder giving him a supportive squeeze. "You go what you have to do. We'll check out your awesome new powers later, right Franklin?"

Franklin brightens up and exclaims, "Yeah, hurry back mom!"

Anna heads towards the edge of the clearing to wait for Elanor to return from her camp. She doesn't wait long before Elanor jumps her from the brush.

"Hey there cutie you waiting for me," Elanor says while laughing. Her arms snake around Anna's neck pulling her into a hug. Elanor's beautiful face only inches from Anna's.

Anna blushes despite herself. 'Has she ever heard of personal space?' She wonders. "I did want to talk to you. I've reached the foundation stage, so I thought it was the best time to talk, just the two of us," Anna says while trying to push Elanor back to no avail.

Elanor jumps back while giggling. "Did you think you could handle me now that you'd reached the foundation stage? Isn't that a bit bold for someone who just married her second husband?" The fairy asks while covering her mouth coquettishly.

Anna's brain stops at this strange turn in the conversation. She reaches out for Elanor with her mouth agape not knowing how to get things back on track.

Elanor takes Anna's outstretched hand with both of her own gently cupping it. She then speaks with a gentle tone of a woman letting down a suiter, "I'm sorry even if you were five times stronger you couldn't last a minute with me."

"Wait no," Anna tries to protest.

"We're from to different worlds. It's impossible. Maybe in another life but you must be content with you're new husband," Elanor tells Anna with pity.

"That's not what I wanted to talk about!" Anna squeaks out with a red face.

"Ok, ok, I just wanted to tease you since you always act so upright. What did you want to talk about?" Elanor laughs.

Anna sighs and sweeps her hand through her hair. 'It's still morning, and I'm already exhausted,' she complains to herself. "Well, I'm from the Emerald clan," she states while watching Elanor's facial expressions.

After a short awkward pause, Elanor responds, "Ok."

"Yes well, I'm part of the Lamenters branch. John thinks you might be willing to help us out." Anna manages after being shocked by the blasé response.

"It's not that big of a deal right? What's the chances of meeting someone who knows that old history. Oh, what did that stupid bush say?", Elanor asks annoyed.

Anna shakes her head, "I've met two just recently... so I imagine it's not that rare," She responds with frustration. Anna then goes on to explain everything that John had shown her in the dream.

"Yeah that's rough, I'm not too into the clan rivalries and stuff, but my mom is obsessed with the stuff. I'll pass a message on to her. I'm sure she'll be happy to help," Elanor responds while looking at her hair tips. Then flipping her hair over her shoulder, she smiles. "I'm not surprised that the bush was just a wimp scrambling through the mud though," she mocks.

"Thanks for passing on the message," Anna says a bit deflated. It took all her courage to bring up her family, but all the tension was just tossed aside.

"Enough of this boring talk. Let's eat before it's all gone. After that, we should play. I mean test out your new found strength!" Elanor says with excitement while dragging Anna towards the village center.


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