Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
51 Drunk Fairy and Future Consequences
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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51 Drunk Fairy and Future Consequences

Elanor downs a bottle of spirit alcohol as she tells the story of the battle with the wolf to the kids. "It wasn't a big deal. A wolf-like this is nothing!" she says while pointing at the ribs of the wolf.

Franklin looks at Elanor with wide-eyed excitement. "How did you hunt it? Was it hard to track?" he asks.

"It's easy when you're as attractive as me!" she boasts while hitting her chest. "The beast jumped out and said, please eat me," she explains with a toothy smile.

"Why does it want to be eaten?" Donna wonders as she clings on to Elanor's leg.

Elanor scrunches her forehead in contemplation as she says, "I don't know maybe dogs are just dumb?"

Laurel suspiciously asks, "what did it do when it jumped out?"

"It just bit my breast for some reason. I'm not its mom. I was going to ignore the weakling, but I was running out of time, and it was so insistent on being eaten. I couldn't disappoint it could I?" Elanor rambles. Her eyes are glassy, and her mind is only half there.

Donna grabs Elanor's breast tenderly and questions worriedly, "Did you get an owie?"

"No of course not!" she responds while patting the girls head. "I just smashed it into a tree with my breast," she explains while laughing.

"No way? They look so soft how could they not get hurt?" Laurel asks. She covers her mouth in shock while looking at the mountains on Elanor's chest.

Franklin's face turns bright red as he covers his eyes. This isn't the story he'd expected.

"What? I'm 100% muscle and can control every part of me. Here," She states as she picks up Donna and sits her on her breast.

Donna straddles the peak that suddenly turns hard than stone. Before any of the children can make sense of it, Donna starts getting bucked about by the mysterious mountain. "Woah," Donna squeals.

"See?" Elanor gloats as she pokes Laurel and Donna with an empty wine bottle. "But you guys aren't awesome like me so you'd better be careful!"

"Hey, it's time for bed kids!" Marsha hollers. She was designated to take care of the kids. Thus she didn't drink too much and was still coherent. The kids reluctantly went to their homes. Franklin went to Gregory's to not interrupt his mom and Arron.

As the moon rises high into the sky and everyone settled into bed, Elanor jumps up the hill and sits next to John. She sips some more alcohol and looks up at the moon. Her cheeks rosy and her clothes in disarray creates an enticing scene that one may hide under their bed.

"You're boring," Elanor complains.

John shakes in surprise. "I don't..."

"Stop being a bush it's boring bushes are dumb!" Elanor spits out. She abruptly stands and stumbles to the boulder-filled with Stone Porcupine shoots. "I want this," she pouts pointing at the boulder.

The boulder had turn red since the Stone Porcupine plant sucked the mercenaries blood. The rock has become harder than steel, and the needle-like protrusions could easily penetrate flesh.

John thinks for a bit before asking, "What do you mean you want it?"

Elanor turns around furiously her curves catching up later causing her body to shake alluringly. "I want to smash people with it! If I can't I'll smash you with this dumb cow!" she rants to the beleaguered bush.

Joe's head pokes up, "moouu?" he asks worriedly.

After considering the request to use it as a weapon and the risk of a double homicide John shakes in affirmation. "Sure I'll give it a try. But since it's made up of living material, you'll need a living interspatial item to hold it. The boulder will take up a lot of space. If the Stone Porcupine dies, it'll become brittle and worthless," he explains to the drunk fairy.

"BLAH BLAH BLAH. Shut up. Stupid bush thinks it's so smart who do you think I am? I'm Elanor Harlyn. I got all that stuff," she states in a drunken rage. She then flops down on to the fat back of Joe and passes out.

John sighs and points at Joe. "You better be careful how you move I won't save you from being breakfast if you wake her up," he warns.

Joe quietly snorts as it tries to stay as still as possible. With that the night of fun and jolly passes.


A week later the master of the heaven's sealing sect enters the Harlyn clan's domain. He scoffs as he feels Enyo focus on him from her palace. Being so forceful with your scans is rude. 'I hate coming here,' he curses to himself.

"What do you want star man?" Enyo asks with a condescending tone.

"Don't call me by that name. My name is Scotus damn it. And you know why I'm here," Scotus spits out with a red face.

"I've never heard of anyone named Scotus. Are you perhaps trying to impersonate a messenger from the alliance?" Enyo asks threateningly causing Scotus to flinch. He then hears her sigh, "What are you doing? Just get in her."

Scotus wants to vomit blood. He's lived for a long time and isn't so easily shaken. He wipes away the sweat from his forehead and fixes his Daoist robes. With just a thought he quickly reaches the palace.

As he nears the palace, Scotus is greeted by some servants who quickly funnel him to the meeting hall. As he travels the halls, he sees beauties of all creeds and colors. 'Anything goes in this place. They are all artificial,' he reminds himself. Indeed if there is a flaw, it is only there to accentuate some other body part.

The meeting hall has a grand table 100 feet in length and 30 feet wide. It has a mind-boggling elaborate inscription on it that allows it to control the defenses and can display entire planets so one can easily plan and command armies. The wall is covered in paintings of the previous matriarchs. Above them is a massive tapestry displaying the many accomplishments of Evelyn. Woven into the fabric is a vast array that allows them to view the past and gain insight.

Scotus enters this imposing place with a scornful look. He glances at the women who were doing managerial work before he arrived. They had various papers and maps laying all over. All the women look at him with disdain. The temptresses are dressed in all manner of clothes from traditional to obscene.

Scotus eyes finally settle on the old fairy lazing in a giant throne at the head of the table. Enyo doesn't look a day past 25. Her massive bosom fights with her tight fitting ballroom dress that's covered from head to toe with exquisite embroidery. Her shimmering blond hair cascades over her shoulders giving the dress a golden accent. 'If I didn't know better I would think she's a young princess ready for her first ball. But those eyes give her away,' he ponders as he looks up to her face. The scarlet eyes glare at him calling out for blood.

"Look ladies its star man the leader of the heaven sealing sect. We must remember to mark this day down. We don't want anyone to forget my extraordinary benevolence in meeting him," Enyo mocks while waving dismissively at Scotus. The room fills with laughter as they all openly mock him.

Scotus veins almost pop out of his forehead. He points at Enyo his rage causing his finger to shake as he shouts, "Do you think you are invincible?! If we go at it, there is no telling who will come out on top. Do you want to follow the Emerald family?"

Enyo eyes burn with fire as she stands. Her throne flies away smashing into the wall behind her. Energy explodes out of her as she unleashes her cultivation. Now even if you were several light years away, you'd be able to notice her. "You think I'm afraid to kill you!? I'll destroy your whole sect, and no one will do anything. You're all afraid of us becoming the next Emerald clan, not us," She hollers with an imposing voice of a goddess of war.

Scotus jumps back fear in his eyes as the enormous killing intent smashes into him. He reaches for his life-saving treasure to try and escape. A cold sweat drenches his back. 'Damn this crazy witch!' he curses in his head.

Right before he makes his escape Enyo suppresses her cultivation returning the room to tranquility. "See, this is why I do not need to fear any of you in the alliance," she declares casually. She then puts her hand on the table and leans forward. "Did you just come here to make a fool of yourself or did you have something useful to say star man?" she inquires with a smirk.

Scotus shivers as he tries to shake off the imposing atmosphere. 'Damn it; they weren't like this before. They used to be pretty reasonable but ever since this generation took over they've been crazy. It's normal to want to preserve to reach, but these women act as if they are looking to die on a battlefield,' he laments.

Scotus clutches his live-saving treasure while clearing his throat. He then states his purpose, "The Harlyn star has begun to move again. It's the alliance opinion that you're harboring the Emerald Lamenters we demand you tell us where they are holed up."

"It's always like this with you guys. Oh no a few foundation level cultivators are coming! We're so scared, please save us, It's gross and I'm tired of hearing it. It's also pointless to come here and ask. I don't keep an eye on old scraps and if I did have a pet farm why would I give it up?" Enyo berates Scotus.

Scotus knew this was pointless. But he's the one who has to deal with the backlash for the sealing coming undone. 'Everyone always blames me,' he cries to himself. "You shouldn't push your luck. You may be stable now, but you never know when the fates may betray you," he warns the arrogant women. He then turns and takes his leave.

"What a joke," Enyo says while running her hand over her scalp. She looks over at one of her clans woman and asks, "What do you think?"

The woman shrugs and pulls out a bag filled with bones, dice, and gems. She throws them out onto the table and begins to investigate the divination. After a few minutes, she smiles and informs, "Perhaps this has more to do with us then we thought."

"I see, I was planning to go see my daughter anyways," Enyo states with fire spewing from her eyes.


On the edge of the Unbroken Region, a young woman and her entourage look at a map with a glowing dot. The woman smiles and says "We've finally reached the Unbroken Region."

A cloaked female follower asks, "So how much farther?"

"It should be on the other side, right?" The young woman says.

A male cloaked figure sighs, "You mean we have to cross this region that's known for having nothing of interests for untold fathom?"

"Even if you say that we don't have any choice! Let's get moving. If we mess this up, we might as well not return." the young woman retorts with a clenched fist.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》