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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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50 Party

While Arron and Anna consummate their marriage the children of the village prepare to entertain everyone. Elanor came up with this plan to make the celebration exciting. The two girls decided to dance while the boys decided to put on a play.

Donna and Laurel had picked out a mystical music box from Elanor before she left to hunt. Donna is preparing to take the stage first. The "stage" is just a small clearing set aside for the performances. As Donna is getting hyped for her show, her dad worriedly dotes on her.

Wilbur nervously fixes Donna's hair as he encourages her, "Don't worry darling. Everything will be alright. Just keep calm."

"Daddy is silly! I'm going to be great," Donna says while clenching her fist near her chest in a victory pose.

While the girl excitedly hops around and the father anxiously tries to comfort her Elanor walks over. "Are you ready?" She asks Donna while squatting to be at eye level.

"Yeah, I'm super ready!" Donna squeals while patting Elanor's shoulder.

Wilbur stutters as he pats his girl on the head, "Alright, just do your best!"

"Alright, I'm off!" Donna exclaims as she picks up a lumpy bag.

Wilbur looks at the bag as it jumbles oddly. 'Is it moving by itself?' he wonders. 'No, that's ridiculous,' he concludes shaking his head.

Elanor laughs and slaps the father's back. "Stop staring into space and go watch the show," she says.

"Sure thanks for everything," he replies. He slightly bows to Elanor as he rushes to get a good seat.

As Wilbur leaves Elanor hears John's voice in her head, "I didn't know you were a music lover."

Elanor shrugs while transmitting back "I'm not. Everyone in the clan has an interspatial ring filled with the junk."

"Isn't that a waste of materials?" John asks exasperatedly. 'The wealth of ancient clans is ridiculous,' he laments.

"Don't know. But I remember the treasurer once said if we used them as bricks, we could rebuild the entire domain twice," Elanor responds while playing with her silky hair.

Unlike Donna Laurel is much more tense about her performance. She never seems to be able to get the steps in the way they should. She stands there taking deep breaths trying to calm down. Her mother is stroking her head kindly.

Mellisa smiles at her girl having a typical problem. She cups Laurels face with her hands and consoles her, "You shouldn't worry about what people will think. Just show them your bright smile."

Laurel looks at her mom and sucks in a deep breath before smiling at her. "I understand mom. I won't let the crowd bother me," she replies.

"Not the fake smile you use to cover up your worries, the real one you had before you had these diviner eyes," Mellisa counters with a motherly smile. Her eyes dart about a bit trying to find the words she wants to say before continuing, "I know you're worried about living and how important learning to dance is. But we don't even know if this will work. I want to see you happy and living. Not hiding behind a mask until the end." Tears form in her eyes as she watches her daughters emotions.

"Mom, I..." Laurel says as she chokes back sobs.

"Red eyes won't look good during the routine," Elanor interrupts. She walks over and puts a hand on both of the women's shoulders. "Everyone is different. I teach you and Donna differently so you shouldn't compare. The steps I show you are more complex and are essential for your future foundation. Donna has a different path and is only doing this for fun. Still, your mother is right. When I met you, you had as much if not more life in you. But recently you've limited yourself and fell into darkness," Elanor comforts.

"But I don't know what to do," Laurel says.

Mellisa hugs her tightly while trembling. She is way over her head on these magical things. She can't help her daughter at all, and it's been driving her insane.

Elanor smiles and looks over towards Donna as she prepares to dance. "Why don't you watch Donna. Perhaps there is something you can learn from the carefree girl."

As they look over Donna jumps in the middle of the stage. "It's Donna's dance time!" She exclaims as the music starts. A steady bongo beat with a jaunty flute plays forming an upbeat song. Donna throws open her bag causing demonic rabbits to fall out.

"Alright guys lets go!" she yells. She begins her dance with heavy steps thumping with the drum beat. "Jump hop step, step, step," She says without a care in the world. Her brow begins to sweat with exertion as she goes. The rabbits act as her back up dancers as they hop and step with her.

Laurel watches the girl bounce with a peppy attitude. She remembers the fun she used to have, her excitement at meeting Elanor and the future she used to see. She clenches her fist. Even the other hers in that hellish ocean looked like they were living life to the fullest. They Danced with flair and passion. 'When did I become like this?' she questions herself.

Donna's dance routine reaches it's climax as Laurel is thinking. "Shake, fist, fist, jump," she continues. She then makes an A pose and yells, "Time to go fluffies!" She exclaims. The demonic rabbits then jump one by one off of Donna's head. "Go Fanny, go Paulie, go Senior, go Witney, go Thinky, go Sands, go Hairy, go Bitey, go Jill, go Jack, go Lovely, go Bouncy!"

As Donna finishes her dance Laurel clenches her fist. 'I shouldn't let the future control me,' she decides. She walks out with a determined face. Everyone is clapping and hollering for Donna. As she passes Donna, she smiles at the bubbling girl. "You did great!"

Donna grabs laurel's arm as the bunnies jump all over her. "Yeah! Now it's your turn," she encourages.

"Right," Laurel acknowledges as she strides forth. As she enters the stage, she grabs her dress and pulls it up slightly showing her feet and ankles. The music starts playing with an agile fiddle accompanied by an aggressive piano. She slides one foot around her before making a quick kick on the ground.

Laurel steps are quick and light making quick tapping sounds as she moves. It's almost the opposite of the thumping stomps of Donna. Each of her steps relies on shifting her foot and ankle correctly. She's yet to come close to mastering just as she saw each step is a failure.

As Laurel is spiraling in worry, a voice pierces the music. Mellisa yells "Look up!"

As Laurel snaps out of her funk and looks up, she sees everyone laughing and enjoying the dance. They don't seem to notice her mistakes at all. The light autumn breeze carries the laughter along with the leaves creating the feeling of home. She locks eyes with her mom and gives her a bright smile.

When Laurel looks around her field of visions seems to expand. Each step becomes lighter and swifter. Even the mistakes seem to have some power pushing her forward. As the music carries her away, the burdens fall from her shoulders.

Then a miracle happens. Part of a step is off. Then a whole step one here another there. At first, she didn't notice, but soon the ground around her seems to glow with missed steps. 'They're different from what I saw!?' she asks herself. Her eyes grow wide, and she smiles showing her bright white teeth. This is the first time a vision had mistakes. 'Is this the power of dance?' she wonders.

As the music ends every one cheers happily. Laurel runs off the stage and jumps into her mother's arms. They both laugh and cry at the same time.

As the boys begin their play, most adults have already become drunk. They stumble onto the stage and begin. Douglas, Louis, Roy, and Franklin enter the stage together in unison they say, "Evil demon your day has come!"

Louis complains, "Franklin you're the demon. Don't say the hero's line! The rest of you are just minions stop stepping on my toes." He then swishes back his hair and gives a heroic pose.

Franklin shakes his head angrily and shouts, "I told you I wouldn't play the bad guy!" He then slashes at Louis with his wooden sword.

The play devolves into a sword battle. Since everyone is drunk they at first thought the boys were performing a comedy. But eventually, the real bruises proved otherwise. The brawl is only ended when Elanor stands up after downing her 20th bottle of high-grade wine. "Let me join in too!" She slurs. With this declaration, the boys nearly peed themselves. They quickly scatter to their mother's skirts leaving Franklin to hide behind the old man Gregory.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》