Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
48 Heartfelt Communication
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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48 Heartfelt Communication

"What's wrong?" Arron asks as he leans on a wooden hoe.

Anna looks at the nearby women working in the field. They all look over to see what's going on. "Privately," Anna replies to Arron curtly.

They walk behind one of the shacks making sure they are out of earshot. Arron has a quizzical look on his face. A hint of worry shows in his eyes.

Anna sighs as she looks at the kind man. "There is something you should know," She states as she runs her hand through her hair. She then continues, "you're a nice guy, but I don't feel any love for you."

"I see..." Arron replies awkwardly.

"Henry was the love of my life. I can never feel the same way again. But you are kind and helpful. You're a good influence on Franklin. So I don't hate you," Anna explains.

"I understood all that when I asked you to marry me. I never wanted to replace Henry," Arron concedes.

Anna shakes her head. "You think you understand, but you don't," she says while chopping the air in front of her. "The blood of the Emerald family runs through my veins. Through Franklin's veins and any future children's veins," she explains.

"So what if you have a clan? It shouldn't make a difference at this point," He questions.

Anna grits her teeth and her hands ball up into fists at her side. "You don't understand... You can't understand it. I'm part of the Lamenter faction! There is no home for people like us. Hatred boils through me like lava. My parents died fighting in some far off place. Henry died fighting in the war," Anna curses as tears flow.

Arron grabs her by the shoulders comfortingly. He can feel her shaking with barely contained rage. "Everyone here loathes the Red River Empire. No one will fault you for wanting revenge," he comforts.

Anna dull green eyes seem to glean a slightly brighter color as she knocks away Arron's arms. "You, that's not even close!" she curses and hits his broad chest. "I wish I could hate the Red River Empire or those who killed my parents. But I don't. I'm a Lamenter!"

Anna's fingernails break her skin as her knuckles turn white. She holds up her hand as blood flows down her palm."Look this blood may look red like everyone else's but its not the same!" She yells shaking her head furiously.

"This is Lamenters blood. When I feel, despair its because the Emerald king is still sealed. When I feel anger, it's against everyone who betrayed us. I don't even know who they are or even much about the Emerald king. But this blood it screams out, curse them all! Break them all. My soul ignites in rage. Have more children raise them to fight. Release the Emerald king. Destroy all those who try to stop you!"

Anna's whole body looks like it's on the verge of shattering as she trembles with a mix of anger and sadness. Arron grabs her and pulls her into a tight hug. "It's ok. If I can lighten your burden a little that's good enough," he says. Anna slumps and cries in his arms.

On the outskirts of the village, a demonic beast coyote eyes the rabbit pen. Since Joe was injured, some demonic beasts had started to test the boundaries. It had become confident that the demonic bull that controls this area was too hurt to do anything. How could he ignore such easy prey any longer?

On the hill, both John and Joe observes the coyote as it enters the village. John his recovery almost complete once again looks lush. Joe, however, is still recovering in his medicinal bath.

At the rabbit pen, Donna has just finished feeding and playing with the bunnies. She exits the cage and waves at the bunnies. "see you tomorrow!" she says jovially.

As Donna skips toward her home, a doggy walks into the clearing. The girl's eyes light up, and she squeals, "Doggy!"

John watches as Donna nears the demonic beast. 'What a pain. I'm not much help in combat and if Joe moves his wounds will open back up,' he worries.

The adults look over in her direction to see what the fuss is about only to see the horrific sight of Donna running at the demonic coyote with outstretched hands.

Wilbur cries out, "Donna stop!"

But it's too late the girl glomps onto the beast with no sense of danger. She snuggles the neck of the coyote happily.

The sudden hug attack dumbfounds the coyote. This little girl would usually be a great snack, but for some reason, it didn't feel like eating this girl. In fact, it felt like this little curly hair girl needed protection. Confused the coyote halted its mission and let the girl snuggle with him.

Wilbur ran with all his might to save his daughter. "Be careful," he advises as he nears Donna.

"Daddy is a worrywart. It's just a cute doggy!" Donna replies while laughing. She continues petting the dog as if she'd heard nothing.

'This girl,' Wilbur curses in his head. He slowly inches forward trying not to startle the demonic coyote.

The coyote sat there stunned until he notices the big burly man coming near to him. 'This weakling wants to challenge me? I'll show him' it thinks. It looks at Wilbur and growls menacingly.

Donna hears the deep growl and sees the bared teeth. "Bad doggy!" she scolds. she then bops the coyote on the nose with an open palm.

'Shoot,' John thinks. 'Do we need to push back Joe's recovery to save her?' he wonders.

The demonic beast yelps in surprise. While Wilbur's eyes become saucer sized in shock. Both man and beast look at the little girl dumbfounded.

"Naughty dog go home!" Donna says while in a power stance. Her legs spread out with her left hand on her hip and her right hand pointing to the forest.

The coyote tilts his head while looking at the girl. They are about the same height, so they are at eye level when they look into each other's eyes. After a short staring contest the confused beast slinks back to the forest with a drooping tail.

"See daddy you can't always worry," Donna lectures as her dad scoops her up in a big hug.

Wilbur didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He decides that he can't let his baby be so reckless anymore. So with a stern face, he lifted her, so they were eye to eye. "It may have worked out fine this time but what if the doggy was mean? Are you going to leave me all by myself?" he asks.

Donna becomes tearful and hugs her daddies neck. "Sorry, daddy! I'll be careful from now on," she cries.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》