Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
41 Plant Soul Division Side story
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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41 Plant Soul Division Side story

*This is the events that happened right after John soul was sent to the plant division*

"Hey, vegetation nerds!" A big muscular man calls as he smashes open the door to the Plant Soul Reintegration Division. "Your delivery of trash souls is here." He says dropping a crate at the feet of Assistant Number Two.

The dirty man has a pin on his chest with Assistant Number Two written on it. Assistant Number Two, with his pale, sickly skin and circles under his eyes, replies while rubbing his head in irritation. "Hey, give me a break. The goddess of plant soul distribution runs us ragged enough. We don't need sass from the delivery guy too."

"Tell that to someone who cares." The delivery man states annoyed. He pulls out a delivery note and hits it with the back of his hand. "Just sign already. No one else wastes my time with sob stories," he says glaring at the overworked assistant.

"Sorry for expecting good customer service." Assistant Number Two laughs with self-derision. Then with a flick of his hand a thread of godly energy flys over to the paper signing it. The delivery man snatches the delivery note putting it away. "If you want good customer service, you should pay for it like everyone else, in the red light district." He says with a wave of his hand as he heads through the door.

"Hey come and help me with this!" Assistant Number Two hollers over to Assistant Number Three. "Sure, sure." An equally beleaguered Assistant replies. They both lift the crate bringing it over to the conveyor belt to be processed.

"You, clean the souls already?" Assistant Number Three asks lazily. "Nah, who cares." Assistant two replies while shaking his head. "It's regulation, you know? Won't you get in trouble for skipping the step? I won't cover for you." Assistant three questions the other assistant with weary eyes.

"Who's going to tell? You're not an undercover agent for the soul's department, are you?" The pale assistant responds accusingly to assistant three as they set down the crate. Assistant two waves his hand dismissively, "I've been working with you forever how could an agent endure this hell for so long?"

"That's what I thought no worries then." Assistant two replies as he leans on the crate before continuing, "if you ask me that new guy is way too excited to work here." He says pointing over two a happy go lucky guy in sorting. Nodding assistant three shrugs and replies without worry. "Yeah, if you're worried you should just have them cleaned."

"That takes to long, and you know it!" Assistant Number Two yells clenching his teeth. "Hey what are you guys doing?" An angry woman with green hair and flowers yells causing the two assistants to freeze. "If you have time to talk are you telling me your work is to easy?" She asks as vines fly out whipping the poor assistants.

They both fall to their knees covering their heads with their arms. "Sorry, goddess! We'll get back to work immediately." Assistant Number Two begs quickly. "See idiot." He says shoving Assistant Number Three before continuing "Just dump out the souls with me." Assistant three sighs while dumping the crate on to the conveyor belt.

Not long after this event Assistant Number two get's reprimanded by the Soul Discipline Department. The investigation ends with him being deducted a years pay. Ever since then the man in sorting as been tormented endlessly by Assistant Number Two.

Assistant Number Three got a quiet raise and a medal for superior dedication to duty. He still often eats out with Assistant Number Two who complains about how that bastard in sorting keeps reporting him.

Eventually, thousands of years in the future newspapers and investigative reporting became popular. The gods always love to follow the current trends in the mortal world. After all, there always has to be a god for everything.

After a short investigation into the soul department, it was found that many of the workers in the plant division hadn't received any pay for hundreds of years. There were so many fines and penalties that many workers wouldn't be paid for millennia. The number of souls that hadn't been cleaned and forced to endure being a plant while still having their old memories was staggering. It caused a huge uproar forcing the Souls Division to put more oversights in place.


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