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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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34 A Bush“s Limi

(This starts when the four mercenaries grab Joe with chains.)

During Joe's struggle, Elanor and Billy continue to clash. "Damn it stupid bull spoiling my fun," Elanor curses. "Ha, ha, looks like you can't be smug anymore," Billy laughs relieved. Betraying Billy's expectations the beauties smile grows even larger. In his eyes, this was no longer the smile of a woman. The smile seems to consume her face, the muscles rippling strangely. This is the face of a man-eating monster that lures its prey with lust.

Elanor stance changes from a chaotic fighting style using only the strength of her arms. Her feet stamp the ground her knees bend into a lower stance, giving her more control of her body. Her arms and leg muscles ripple as she becomes as solid as a mountain.

She clutches her sword with her right hand and swings with the might of a giant. Billy shakes in fear at this sudden change. 'My shield can't take this strike,' he concludes. His only hope is to parry with his sword. So he counter swings hoping to deflect this blow enough to save his life. As the two swords clash Billy's is shocked to see, Elanor releases her sword. Even without the mass from her body, billy's muscles feel like they are being ripped apart by the force. Elanor's sword strikes the ground next to him causing a chasm two feet wide and four foot deep. A tree 20 yards behind him is cut in twain by the energy of that one strike.

"hu," Billy releases his breath in relief. However, he's celebrated too soon. Elanor is now in very close range with him. Her feet rooted to the ground like some ancient tree, her left fist comes from behind the sword strike multiplying the force. Her fist smashes right into Billy's shield. The destruction is immediate the shield is blasted apart. The shrapnel rips his body into shreds. Billy can't even feel the pain, because he saw death right in front of him. The shield hasn't slowed, the left hook from Elanor at all. The fist expands quickly towards his face. Billy barely manages to get his arms up into an X block.

Elanor punch hits Billy's block directly. If he hadn't gotten it up in time, his head would be gone. Still, the force smashes his arms completely. His bones turn into dust, his muscles into mush, as his arms pop like water balloons. "Argh," a blood-curdling scream escapes his mouth. He spins through the air a stream of blood spraying around like a fountain. He smashes through three trees, before tumbling brutally on the ground.

"MOOOO!" Joe yells with unwillingness. Elanor looks to the sky to see Joe, being pierced by spears. John's leaves shake. Joe's heart shaking call shatters the heart of the villagers. Tears form in their eyes as their Guardian Spirit howls in pain. Their legs give out, and they huddle together for support.

Right as the mercenaries' spear tips pierce the bull's hide the world around them loses it color. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO JOE!" a rage-filled voice blares in every living thing's head. The anger in this voice makes even the seasoned mercenaries shudder.

As the four continue to pierce the bull, they feel their bodies slow to a crawl. It was as if they'd sunk into the mud. The world around them seems to be rejecting their existence. "What the hell is going on!" Marvin yells in fear.

The villagers feel their blood boil with the rage of a thousand suns. A fire flows through their veins it's almost unbearable. Every living thing within a mile is affected by the same phenomenon.

'This is the suppression force of facing an army,' Jonathon realizes in surprise. They could all feel the rage in the air. It is as if every living thing would die to give them a paper cut. "Shit, why is a Preeminent stage master here?" Steven curses in horror. With this revelation, all four of them have a cold sweat. 'A Preeminent stage master has unleashed his territory!' they all conclude at the same time. Their minds can barely keep up. How can someone two stages above Obelisk stage be here?

Joe feels the bit of ancestral blood within him activate. 'You fool, what are you doing? Bulls don't stand still. They charge forth!' an ancient voice bellows from eons ago. The firey energy he'd suddenly felt flow through his veins, smashes the suppression of the chains. "MAAARRRROOOOO!" Joe explodes with ferocity. The spears had pierced a foot into his gut. He is bleeding profusely. Yet, he'd never felt so full of power.

Joe burst forward with all his strength. His guts ripping open as the spears pull out sideways. The chains drag the four mercenaries behind him. "Flee for your lives!" Billy screeches while coughing up blood. The four didn't need any goading. All four disperse in separate directions.

Still, they were being suppressed by the territory of a Preeminent. Even at their fastest, it felt like they were snails racing a hair. Steven unluckily catches the eye of Joe first. The demonic bull can only see red as he charges at his attacker.

Joe attack is boosted by his ancestral truth. Steven has no chance to escape. He pulls out a defensive item to block the charge. A ceramic bowl flies out covering the mercenary. Joe pays no mind and crashes right into the bowl. His horns pierce the ceramic bowl creating cracks throughout the artifact. Then the thick bull skull makes contact, breaking the bowl into pieces as if it was fine china.

Steven spent so much on this life-saving item. Yet now it is garbage. Tears fell from his eyes as the bull's forehead lands on his chest. His chest caves in as his ribs pierce his lungs. Blood spurts out of his mouth as he is sent flying. Even this was not the end of his suffering though, as he lands on a large boulder that looks like a porcupine. His body is pierced by hundreds of spikes. His lifeblood flowing out into the boulders cracked surface.

Billy drags his broken body to its feet. As he joins his compatriots in escape. "Where do you think you're going?" Elanor inquires the mercenary. She quickly pursues the man with her fist clenched.

"Let him go," she hears in her head. "What have you gone insane? stupid bush," she yells back at the hill. "There is no time. You need to help heal Joe," John retorts quickly. She then sees the bull shaky legs as he stumbles. Sighing while swishing back her hair, she stops her pursuit and returns.

As John's rage turns to worry the world returns to normal. As he became level headed he felt something unusual from the plants. Everything that had his energy had felt his rage. But It felt as if the plant life owed him something. Something that transcends one insignificant lifetime.


In an unknown location, a woman sits on a throne. She's clad is adorned with a simple crown. Her form is not discernible by mortals. Her eyes long closed suddenly open. "Grace attend me!" she commands. A young beauty followed by cloaked servants fly in. They all kneel subserviently to the woman on the throne. "He has reincarnated. Find him at all costs!" She instructs. "Yes, mother!" The young beauty acknowledges.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》