Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
33 Cultivating Mercenaries
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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33 Cultivating Mercenaries

A month after Elanor started training the village. Five men cross into the Unbroken Region's forest. These men are all part of the Avarice Souls sect. They'd been hired by the Red River Empire, to search for any survivors in this demonic land. So far they've only found corpses. Marvin, a disgruntled mercenary punches a tree. "This is a waste of time. How could these weaklings survive in here?" he complains.

Billy, their leader, glares at the man angrily. "It's easy money then right? We just get to relax for a few months. Then collect our spirit stones," he retorts. "He's just mad that theirs no women about. Don't you know he spends everything he get's on prostitutes," Wayne jeers while making suggestive movements. "Ha, you can't fault me. Shouldn't we get some women in our group?" Marvin asks. Billy slaps the back of the lechers head and says, "How would you focus then? I guess we could replace you with a woman."

"Hey guys, I found something!" Steven yells over. He'd lost the coin flip and was forced to scout ahead. "Yeah, what is it? More bones?" Marvin inquires sarcastically. "Yeah, bones make me so excited," the scout says, rolling his eyes. "Stop wasting time with that idiot. What did you find?" Billy asks commandingly.

Steven gives a hideous smirk as he informs the group, "There's a small village in a clearing not too far away." "Just a village? Come on just take care of that yourself," Marvin complains. Jonathon a stoic warrior, who'd been meditating by a tree opens his eyes. "If there's a village here there must be some strong protectors," he states gruffly, as he climbs to his feet. "That's right! I don't have a death wish," Steven sneers.

"Why are you even complaining? You were just whining about the lack of women," Wayne retorts. "Less talking more doing. Lead the way," Billy orders. Steven nods and gestures for them to follow. They quickly navigate between the large trees that fill the Broken Region.

Soon the five reach the outskirts of the village. They quietly conceal their presence. Billy secretly scans the area. "oh? Interesting," he says.

"Did you find something good?" Jonathon asks. "There seems to be someone at my level here," Billy replies. Marvin spits and looks at their leader skeptically, as he joins in on the conversation, "At the Obelisk stage? Why would they be in this godforsaken place?" Billy shakes his head and responds, "How would I know? Anyways we are in luck. There's a demonic beast, that just broke through to the Contaminated stage. He seems to be recovering from the tribulation."

"If he's still hurt this is a good chance for us," Steven speculates with a greedy smile. Wayne's eyes gleam as well. He greedily rubs his hands together and adds, "If we bring back the materials, we'll make double what we're being paid for this job!"

"Alright lads. I'll keep the Obelisk stage cultivator busy. You guys take out that demonic beast. When you're done we'll finish the bastard together," Billy instructs. These five have been a team for many years. They quickly act on the plan, no longer bickering.

"Come out and fight!" Billy yells as he steps out of the forest. Elanor quickly confronts the invaders outside the village. "What are you lot doing here?" She asks while flexing her muscles. "We're here to slaughter these folks. However, if a beauty like you wants to play with us, we might let you live," He states licking his lips. Elanor laughs, "Sorry, babe I don't think you can handle me."

The four mercenaries rush out from behind Billy. "Hey, where do you think you're going!?" Elanor hollers while charging forth to block them. Billy cuts her off throwing a punch at the fairy. Elanor counters with her own punch. The two fists collide with a boom. Billy is forced to take four steps back, while Elanor is only forced to stop her pursuit. The mercenaries arm turns numb from the clash. "Shit," Billy curses.

He pulls out a sword and shield. 'I just have to hold her here, until they kill that demonic beast,' he thinks. "Come on bitch," Billy goads. The enthusiastic smile on Elanor's face sends a shiver down his spine. "Sure!" Elanor agrees while producing a sword.

On the hill, the four mercenaries close in on Joe. Sensing danger the demonic bull jumps to his hoofs. "Marroooooo!" he roars, his eyes red with rage. "Alright get ready!"Johnathon yells as he produces a halberd.

Johnathon swings his halberd towards the demonic bulls head. Joe counters the blow with his horn sending Johnathon flying. Marvin and Wayne charge at Joe's big belly with their spears. The combination attack forces Joe to unleash his demonic art. Two bulls head made up of demonic energy clash, with the two spears stopping them in their tracks. From above Steven unleashes a hail of arrows at Joe's back. Joe snorts sending a gust of wind blasting up knocking aside the attack.

John's focus is broken by the sudden commotion. It would normally be impossible for these men, to get so close without him noticing. He was just too focused on transferring his energy. It takes every ounce of his focus to regulate the flow. All the mystic herbs now look healthy and lush. The Stone Porcupine herb now covers the boulder with spikes. Each spike solidified by immense amounts of earth energy.

'Damn it, neither of us have recovered yet,' John curses as he watches Joe struggle. The bull is being continuously barraged by attacks from all sides. John knew that if things keep up the four men will break through, Joe's defenses sooner or later.

When he looks at the other fight, he is relieved. 'Things are going much better down there,' he thinks. The man with the sword and shield is only capable of defending. Yet with him turtling like that, it may take too long for her to aid Joe.

"Come on! I thought you wanted to fight not dance," Elanor derides the man. She noticed that he was just trying to buy time. 'If that is the case I can just go all out!' she decides. Billy can only curse his luck, 'This woman is a beast.' Elanor unleashes her strength slashing at the shield. Every strike knocks Billy off balance. Slowly she carves up the shield. Metal gashes accumulate destroying the integrity of the shield. 'I'll be in trouble soon,' Billy thinks while sweating bullets.

Stevens glances at the battle down below, observing the difference in strength between the two combatants. "There's no more time," informs Steven. "Fine! Everyone use your suppressing chains," Marvin orders. On cue, they all pull out golden chains.

The four of them throw the chains at the demonic bull. "Dodge!" John yells in Joe's head. But it is too late. The four chains entangle Joe's limbs. Joe yanks with all his might sending the four men stumbling about. Still, slowly the mercenaries pull the chains tight. Joe's legs are stretched out like a star, unable to be used properly. His demonic energy suppressed by the chains.

"Now let's end this and help Billy," Wayne sneers. All four procure spears. They thrust forward giving Joe no way to escape. "MOOOO!" Joe yells with unwillingness. He'd just reached the next stage how could he die like this. But the truth can't be altered the killing blows begins to penetrate his skin.


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