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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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32 Teaching starts

Everyone in the village had gathered, in the meeting area. They'd only heard that Elanor is going to train them. When they were told to gather up. No one dared to disagree. They'd respected her when she entered the village originally. They had figured she was pretty strong, to travel through the Unbroken Region. It wasn't uncommon for them to see foundation stage soldiers. Some of the men who defended them, on their escape were foundation stage warriors. Even Anna's husband had reached the foundation stage.

However, after the recent feats of Elanor and her master, it is clear the woman isn't a foundation stage fighter. What kind of monster battles the heavens, like that? It wasn't that they didn't want to help, the fun cultivator when she was in her crater. But not one of them had the courage, to see the beauty's mangled corpse. The hole is the size of one of their shacks for god's sake. It was when she walked out of the crater, that she became a monster in their eyes. Their minds couldn't even comprehend Elanor, coming out with only minor injuries.

Elanor hops, skips and flips to the front of the group. "I'm glad you all came. I've been asked to make you all stronger! So that's what I'll do." Elanor says with flair. Gregory steps forward confusion on his face and inquires, "Miss, may I ask? who asked you to train us?" Elanor looks at Gregory and shrugs. "It's just some bush," She states. The answer only confuses everyone more. They look at each other with wonder, while waiting to hear more details. Yet all they saw was Elanor twirling her hair. The fairy didn't seem interested in elaborating.

"I see..." Gregory says reluctantly. "I'm glad you understand," Elanor replies with a satisfied nod. Elanor has an expression that implies, she'd just taught them a great secret. This oblivious cultivator could only make them laugh in frustration.

"Alright enough about the stupid bush!" Elanor exclaims. "It's time to learn how to be strong." She states while looking at the crowd. "If you want to be strong like me. You'll follow my instructions!" She yells with confidence. She then pulls up her right sleeve and flexes her muscle. Gasps can be heard as her muscles ripple. Her clothes covered up her muscular figure. From the outside, no one can tell how ripped she is.


Over at the Sunny Spring sect. The two other disciples are conversing, about their fellow disciple. Kendra yawns while tapping on her desk. "When is that idiot coming back?" she asks Rosie. "Miss her?" responds Rosie as she glances up, from her work. "I miss having patients," a grumpy Kendra responds. "That's true. You can only get so much from dummies," Rosie agrees while wiping sweat from her brow.

"But it's noisy when she's around. All her suitors gather around." Rosie says as she leans back in her chair. "They all become patients too. Can't she do anything in moderation?" Kendra complains.

Rosie smirks at her fellow disciples torment. "Perhaps she'll hook up with one of those mortals and not come back?" She jokes. Kendra gives Rosie a disgusted look as she responds, "are you trying to kill those poor bastards? They'll just die on the first night."

Kendra runs her hands through her golden hair sighing. "That night we slept together, was the worse," laments Kendra. "Oh, I didn't know you guys were so close," Rosie responds giggling. Kendra clenches her fists so hard her knuckles turn white. "You damn well know, what I'm talking about!" She yells angrily before continuing, "when she first came here, her room wasn't ready yet. So she stayed in my room. While we were sleeping, she kicked me so hard, that there was an impression of me on the wall!" "Yeah I remember, it would have taken months to recover without masters help," the redhead says laughing hysterically.

Catherine peaks her head into the room. Sighing she advises, "If you two are so bored, why don't you go visit the village? I'm sure there'll be plenty of patients soon."


"Alright, it's important to build your body up, before cultivating. So I'll first be teaching you all, a few good exercises and breathing techniques," Elanor tells the villagers.

Elanor proceeds to show some seemingly basic exercises. Her chest bouncing and heaving, as she shows each one off. With her beauty constantly distracting everyone, it is a slow learning process. Elanor watches everyone closely, fixing each individuals posture. Every move has to be exact, in order to properly build a good foundation.

Franklin gets the hang of the training quickly. He'd already been doing similar training thanks to John. While his strength isn't that of the adults, he's actually closest to foundation stage.

Finally, Elanor reaches the two girls. One is visibly pouty. "Not strong," Donna whines. Wilbur scratches his head embarrassed. Elanor squats and pats the girl on the head. "Ok, if you don't want to be strong you don't have to," she comforts with a smile. "But you'll be missing out. I'm going to be teaching Laurel how to dance and sing. It's pretty girly, right? I thought you'd want to learn too. But I guess not?" She questions the young girl.

The girl's eyes dart around, not sure what to do. Yet her little mind couldn't understand. She begins to sniff. Then slowly tears start to stream down her face. "Wah, big sis bully! I want 'sniff' to dance. But no 'sniff' strong!" Elanor feels horrible and bites her lip. This girl was the only one at the right age, to start cultivating. But now she wonders if she went too far.

Wilbur scoops up his daughter easily. The poor girl bawling her eyes as she, digs her face into his fluffy beard. "Come now, princess." He consoles while hugging his baby tightly.

"Look I'm strong right?" the dad asks his clingy daughter. Donna nods, into his chest. "But the mommies over there, are stronger than you, right?" He says shifting the girl in his arms, to look at the women practicing with their boys. Donna looks at them quizzically before nodding. "Uhhu," she affirms. "But I'm still stronger than them," he declares. "Yeah," Donna responds enthusiastically. "So, that means you can still get stronger, without being strong right?" Donna crunches her nose in contemplation. She feels like there is something wrong with this logic. But she can't figure out what. "Ok," she finally give in while nodding strongly.

"Teach dance big sis bully!" Donna says. She reaches out to the beautiful cultivator, with stars in her eyes and snot running down her nose. "Of course!" Elanor replies with a thumbs up.


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