Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
30 I“m the Village“s Teacher!?
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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30 I“m the Village“s Teacher!?

Elanor smiles brightly while shifting coyly. "I'm pretty great, right?" she says proudly. "Of course, you're also a very skilled fighter. Not many could stand against you!" John says gently moving his branches hypnotically. "Yeah, who would dare challenge, the great Elanor!" she responds thrusting her fist into the air.

"Indeed, even if you had to teach an army they'd all become grandmasters!" John says raising his voice and lifts his limbs into the air. "Teaching someone is as easy, as flipping my hair," Elanor states nodding frantically enjoying the praise. "I knew it! So it won't be a problem to take the whole village, under your powerful wings," John continues to glorify the fairy. "Even if it was a kingdom I could take care of them," Elanor replies blushing.

"I'm glad we came to an agreement then," John states happily. "Wait, What? I didn't agree to anything!" Elanor exclaims. "It's so easy to teach them. Someone as kind and magnanimous as you, wouldn't leave them to their plight would you?" the bush asks. The lazy young woman bites her lip, as she contemplates an excuse, to not do any work. "Most of the villagers are way too old though. Their potential is almost dried up. Is there really a point for them to cultivate?" She states contemplatively.

The bush waves away the thought, with his branches. "You only say that because your future is so bright. Though at their highest level, they will only look like specks to you. Doesn't mean it doesn't have value for them. Even if they just reach foundation stage, they will both live longer and healthier lives," John explains. "I guess since I'm training one... I could help the others a bit." She replies as her head drops down as if she's been forced, to take on, an insurmountable task. 'Ha, all these chosen are the same. Just praise them a bit, and they'll do anything,' John thinks while laughing internally.

As the decision is finalized a small paper bird flies over. "oh master's anger must have dissipated, since she let off some steam!" Elanor exclaims happily after seeing the bird. "I would have never thought of your master, as being such a trendsetter," John praises. The young woman gives the Bush a queer look. "Master is so old fashion even that never dieing bag of bones, that is my great grandmother would laugh at her." The young woman says with a sour face.

"Oh? It was really popular in my previous life. All the young disciples would discuss what kind of paper, they wanted to use," John says with a knowledgeable air in his voice. "Pfft, when did you live anyways? What was the date?" Elanor asks curiously. "Hmm, it should have been 1359 of the Ginko era," the bush says reflectively. "What, that's like 10,000 years ago!" Elanor declares with surprise. "It's for the best to reincarnate in a different era. Who wants to bring the baggage from the previous life, into a new one?" John sagely states.

"Anyways, there have been so many advancements in projection techniques, that it's just silly to use paper birds, to send messages," Elanor says as she snatches the bird, out of the air. She forrows her brow, as she begins to read Catherine's letter, "I forgot to tell you. Performance arts cultivation techniques are the best for those with diviner eyes. Well, there are special diviner cultivation techniques. Your mother would be able to teach them. But I know you wouldn't read books like that. So as an elegant girl your self, you should be proficient in dancing and singing. So it shouldn't be a problem." Elanor frowns at the letter. "What a pain." She grumbles. "It sounds fun. The girls may enjoy that better anyways. Well, I won't keep you any longer thanks for the help." John says as he waves bye with a branch.

As Elanor takes her leave, John returns to focusing, on his out of control energy. In the past, he'd increased the growth of plants, through spreading energy, in the ground and by sending energy, to stimulate growth. However, the energy he'd used then was refined within him. Now he would need these mystic herbs, to take the pure earth energy. 'Can they handle it? If I didn't have cognitive thought, this energy would have long torn me apart,' he contemplates.

'The only way to know. Is to give it a try,' John decides. So he slowly pushes the earth energy out of himself, channeling it to one of the Limson herbs. They have extras of these so it wouldn't be a huge loss if one dies. Initially, he only lets a trickle of earth energy, into the other plant. This bit of energy seems to stabilize, the wilting plant giving it a solid base. However, when he begins to increase the flow of energy, the plant becomes stiff, looking more like a decorative plant, made out of cloth.

After seeing this John stops the flow of energy immediately, causing him to shudder. The earth energy causes a backlash, as it flows back into him. 'urgh, it seems they can't take much. If that's the case, my only hope is this guy,' he thinks while looking at the Stone Porcupine herb. It was just a small spike with roots that looks dried up. The Stone Porcupine herb doesn't handle being transmigrated well. The plant is hard to extract intact since it's roots and stem burrows, through solid rock.

'Will the earth energy bring it back to life? or will it's broken body shatter from the force?' John wonders. He once again forces the rampaging, earth energy out. This time sending it, towards the Stone Porcupine herb, on the boulder.

As the earth energy seeps into the Stone Porcupine herb, the single spike glows slightly as it absorbs, the pure earth energy. Slowly the plant is revitalized. Stone Porcupine grow rhizomes stems that borrow through stones. It acts like many grasses except, instead of dirt, it lives in rocks and instead of soft leaves, it has sharp spikes. As the plant regains strength, it begins the slow process of drilling, into the boulder it'd been placed on.

John can feel the plant reaching its limit, so he begins to pull back. Slowing down the surge of earth energy is a tough task. It is already quite strenuous to create a connection, that can transfer energy. 'I guess I need to experiment, on the right amount to send. It doesn't do me much good if I can't constantly siphon off, the earth energy,' he thinks while concentrating.

He begins connecting all five mystics herbs. Like rivers and streams originating from a spring, energy slowly enters all five plants. He begins with a small connection sending only a trickle to each plant. The bush slowly changes the amount given to each plant. Once he finds the perfect output, he plans to stabilize the output to that level. 'Every little bit helps,' John reasons. While sending energy, he also grows more leaves with all his might.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》