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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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28 Breakthrough

In Mellisa's dark shack, the atmosphere is dreadful. Elanor sighs before putting on a smile. "No worries. Since my master gave medicine, it's not impossible. Leave it to me!" She says giving a guts pose.

Mellisa nods reservedly. She couldn't break down in front of her daughter she thought. "Yes, here you should take a pill now," she says as she pulls a pill from the bag. As she hands the pill to her daughter, she sees her hand shaking. Mellisa grabs her arm to steady it.

"Don't worry mom, I'll try my best," Laurel consols her mother. She reaches out grabbing her mother's hand, with both of hers in comfort. She then slowly takes the pill. With a gulp, she swallows the pill. "Blah, it's so bitter!" She yells sticking out her tongue. "How do you feel?" asks the worried mother.

As Laurel scrapes her tongue with her, hand to get rid of the bitter taste her, world seems to come to a sudden halt. She looks around a bit disoriented. "Honey?" Mellisa asks with fear. "I'm alright, it's just... different," the girl replies. It feels as if the ground she stands on, went from shifting sand to solid ground.

"Since your feeling alright we should get started!" Elanor says grabbing the girls arm dragging her out. "Right," Laurel says while clenching her fists. As they exit the shack, the atmosphere feels strange.

Off to the side, Arron is cradling both Anna and Franklin protectively. Anna is still quaking from the 'healing' she received. While Franklin was still unconscious from the angry stare.

However, most eyes were looking at the sky, in fear. Everyone was muttering in confusion at the scene. There is a dark ominous cloud, that almost looks like a hand, trying to break through the heavens. "Tribulation clouds?" Elanor asks while pondering the situation.

"Training can wait a bit, your assistance may be required." Elanor hears John say in her head. "Looks like we're about to see a good show." She laughs while folding her arms under her chest causing them to heave and bounce. She then pats Laurel's head saying, "Don't worry it's nothing dangerous. I'll just go help out a bit, be right back."

Elanor jumps up the hill quickly. As she climbs the hill, Joe looks angrily at the sky. "MOOORROO!" He roars at the tribulation clouds. Below the normal citizen in the village, shake as if they were in an earthquake from the shock of the yell.

As if in response to the roar of the demonic bull, the first tribulation lightening smashes down, turning the world white. Joe jumps into the air and takes the first lightning bolt with his horns, smashing it to bits. Joe snorts in triumph. However, the first strike is the weakest, the danger would only grow from here.

The next bolt of tribulation lightning fell towards the round demonic bull. Joe stares at the sky with determination in his eyes. He sends his demonic energy out to contend with the lightning. The world became a black and white one, as the dark energy from Joe collides, with the light from the heavens. After a moment of pushing and pulling the lightning was sent back to the sky.

Before Joe could even celebrate another bolt flies at him this one collides directly into his body. His fat body shakes like pudding from the shock. His skin is scorched black, but the fat dissipates the electricity, shielding his internal organs from damage.

More and more tribulation lightning, rains down from the sky, not giving the bull, a chance to breathe. Slowly he's pushed down towards the ground. "Moooo," Joe yells in agony, as his internal organs fry. His blood flow is disrupted, from the damage. He's now on the verge of defeat losing his path to his ancestors. Joe's eyes look at the sky with unwillingness.

"It's your turn girl!" John yells. "What, fine damn it. Here comes Elanor!" She yells jumping into the sky pulling out a mystic sword.

"Bring it you bastard!" She screams slashing apart a bolt of lightning. The tribulation sensing someone blocking it turns it's energy to the transgressor. After she blocks, a few bolts she's hit directly. "EEEahh," She screams while hurtling to the ground. She smashes down, into the village creating a large crater. Her clothes in tatters from the lightning, she weakly lays in her hole. If there was anyone who dared look, they would get quite an eye full.

Joe stabilizes himself in the sky, staring at his heavenly foe. He still hasn't recovered from the prior attacks, his blood was in turmoil so he couldn't release his full strength. This was it the most powerful tribulation lightning. It was do or die.

'Things aren't looking good.' John thought. "Shit! You fat bastard. I'll show you why I have one more letter then you." He shouts as the final lightning bolt fell from the sky.

John releases half his leaves flying into the sky. They quickly flash into the sky forming a green shield between Joe and the sky. As the lightning smashes into the leaves, they only hold for a moment before disintegrating. Still, the divine lightning was significantly weakened. "MOOOORUUU," Joe hollers as he charges into the lightning. His horns crack from the destructive energy as he too smashs into the ground.

The dark clouds dissipate returning the world to tranquility. In Joe's crater, a fat demonic bull looking like he'd just been roasted over a fire groans. He slowly stumbles to his feet, feeling his blood become purer. Exhaustion on his face he smiles at his success.

In the other crater, Elanor quickly covers herself with spare robes. Her face is smudged with dirt her body covered in burns. She stumbles out to see a worried Laurel staring at her. She smiles and cups the girl's cheeks. "What are you making that face for? This little bit won't hurt me!" She says jovially.

On the hill, there is one plant that isn't happy. He grimaces at the loss of leaves. 'At least Joe's breakthrough went well,' John consoles himself. Still, this was a huge set back for him. Especially so close to breaking through. He long knew his cultivation technique was precarious. It was much like making pottery. The sun energy is used to bake and solidify the earth energy. A precarious balance has to be maintained, or the finished product would be imperfect and crack. With the loss of half his leaves, he wouldn't be able to provide enough sun energy.


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