Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
22 The First Banquet Under the Hill
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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22 The First Banquet Under the Hill

John watches as the fairy departs. Now that she wasn't watching anymore his branches drooped. "Can you believe that lass." He complains to Joe. "I only asked for a few mystic herbs and she acts like I was asking for divine medicine!"

"Buro," Joe said while looking at the plant curiously. "Why do you have to value everything by how good it tastes?" John complained. "Mooro!" Joe responded angrily.

"Just because you gain strength from eating doesn't mean everything is about food." John sighed. "Also being able to raise them will make the environment even better. Which is good for the villagers and us." He explained to the uneducated demonic bull. "Anyways if you eat before they propagate and grow there wouldn't be enough, to even fill one of your stomachs."

"Hell, I had to practically pry that Sentinel Bell flower, out of your mouth!" John pointed his branch accusingly at the demonic bull. Joe looks proudly into the sky and snorts. "Now you take credit for finding it? I remember you were in tears when it was taken away by that girl." John laughs.

"Still it's a good thing that Elanor is a bit dumb. If she could identify the plant, all the mystery would be gone." Joe's stomach gurgled still looking proud into the sky. "You! You're still thinking about eating it, aren't you." John cries this stupid glutton.

Down below everyone was looking at the flamboyant cultivator. They were worried a fight would break out at any moment. Seeing her return filled them with relief.

Gregory walks over with a servile smile, as she lands like a feather. "The meal is prepared. If you are ready should we began the banquet?" Elanor distracted by the previous conversation only nods to the old man in front of her.

Gregory didn't mind the lack of interest. How could he comprehend the minds of cultivators? "This way then please." He says gesturing towards the meeting area of the village. They had cleared this place of plants and stamped the ground with wooden poles. It was the only place where the villagers could escape the enveloping plant life.

Now they had placed stumps for everyone to sit on. In the center, a fire was under a stove made of stones. They used a big wood pot to create a soup. In the fire sit vegetable shish kabobs grilling. This was a feast of the size no one had indulged in since their escape into the forest.

Gregory sighs, "I apologize for the lack of accommodations. We're cut off from the world here, so the niceties we can offer are limited." Elanor shook her head and laughed, "I may not look it, but I'm often roughing it. So there is nothing to fear."

Looking around Elanor furrowed her brow. "The only thing that is missing is alcohol. This can't be a banquet without a good drink!" She said nodding with a bright smile. Gregory looks at the beauty awkwardly, "I'm sorry, but we don't have anything like that. It was hard enough to get water for a time." He said nervously rubbing his head.

"Never fear, Elanor is here!" She said energetically thrusting her fist in the air causing her voluptuous chest, to bounce dangerously. Men and women alike can't help but be filled with anticipation of the slip. Mellisa wonders if the clothes are magic? That's the only explanation for keeping those mountains hidden under the loose fabric she thought.

With a twirl, Elanor releases a few bottles of wine from her interspatial ring. Everyone's eyes went wide. They'd never seen such a miraculous feat before. "Now we're ready. Let the banquet began!" Elanor says with a wink.

Laurel hopped over to Elanor "Amazing! How do you make things appear from nowhere?" The girl asks with sparkling eyes. "Haha, It's nothing special. Every cultivator can do it with an interspatial ring." She explains showing the girl, the ring on her finger. "If you work hard even you….."

"Oops, you dropped this, Uncle!" Laurel said as she turns suddenly catching one of the wine bottles. A middle age man with a big black beard laughs rubbing the girls head. "Thanks, if it wasn't for you I'd have wasted this great gift." He then also nods at Elanor.

"Don't worry about it! If we need more I have plenty." She replies waving the concerns away. "Anyways can I really use a magic ring too?" Laurel asks excitedly pulling on Elanor's colorful sleeve.

"If you want to learn anything is possible!" Elanor says while giving a victory pose with a fist in the air. "Well, that's what my master says anyways." She continues sheepishly. "I've never been a fan of books." She finishes giggling while downing a bottle of wine.

"For now why don't you introduce me to everyone." She says grabbing the girls hand. As Laurel turns away for just a moment Elanor's eyes turned sharp as she glanced at the wine bottle, in the bearded man's hand.

"Well let's start with this clumsy guy." Laurel giggles while pointing at the bearded man. "He's Wilbur. He was a blacksmith in town. But now since we don't have metal, he helps build stuff. He also has the youngest kid!" With that Laurel's nose twitched with annoyance. "It's also the only other girl here. Donna's only four though, so she's not fun to play with."

Wilbur stroked his beard "Nice to meet you! I heard your name was Elanor right?" Elanor nods in affirmation, "That's correct." Wilbur laughs his big beard shaking as he takes a swig of wine. "Don't be a stranger now that we've become friends. We need a bit of liveliness every once in a while."

Nearby a small girl yawns it's long past her bedtime. But how could Wilbur force the girl to miss the excitement? Even with the noise and excitement the girl's, eyes were clearly drooping. Laurel brought Elanor over and gave the girl a hug, lifting her off the ground. "Laurel, don't bully." The girl whined. "You're just so cute, I can't help it," Laurel said mischievously.

"Anyways say hi to big sis Elanor!" Laurel said lifting the little girl up practically smashing the girls face right into the beauties face. "Nice to meet you, Donna," Elanor said without retreating.

"Big sis, too close!" She screams pushing Elanor's face away. Elanor exaggeratedly tumbles back on to her butt. "Wow, you're so strong!" "Not strong," Donna said puffing her cheeks and looking away.

Laurel laughs putting the girl back down. "She says only boys are strong." Elanor joins the laughter. "I guess you'll have to show her wrong then."

"Daddy's strongest!" Donna states angrily. "It's true he carried her all the way here," Laurel said nodding.

"It's a parent's job to keep their kid safe," Elanor said giving both girls a big hug. "Big sis bully," Donna mumbles.

Wilbur came over "Sorry she's just tired. I suppose it's time for us to call it a night." he said scooping Donna up into his arms. Donna grabs on to her dad tightly. "Say goodnight," He said, "Nigh, nigh," The girl says already half asleep in her dad's arms. Elanor waved bye as they headed to one of the shacks.


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