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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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21 On the Hill

Franklin paced back and forth behind one of the shacks. He hadn't even been sure if his teacher was real or fake. He was a bit worried he was going insane hearing voices. Gripping his fists he decided to focus on the mission he'd been given. He can't say a voice asked him to tell her. How does this situation keep happening? he frets rubbing his head in frustration. "Teacher I don't know how to act around important people." He whispered to himself deflated.

He'd hoped his teacher would respond since he could talk whenever he wanted now. To his despair, his teacher didn't respond at all. Why did he have such a lazy teacher he lamented. "Well, I've seen some guards address officials from the capital." He said under his breath as he created a plan.

He poked his head out to view the scene. He saw an exhausted Laurel tired out from crying. Mellisa was gently caressing the girls head while having a light conversation with the fairy guest. Laurel suddenly looked over and stuck out her tongue. This got the attention of the two other women who looked over.

How did that girl always know where he was? He cried to himself. However, it was too late to hide now so he awkwardly stepped out. He stiffly walks like how he thought a soldier would towards the three of them. The women could only giggle at the poor boy. He looks like a tin man hobbling over.

"What do you want stupid Franklin?" Laurel said as she looked away in disgust. Franklin grimaced she was still mad at him. "I'm not here for you." He snidely replies.

Then he looks at the beauty and bows stiffly. "I've been given ahem. The eh, privilege of inviting you up the hill." Mellisa looked shocked at the boy while Elanor eyed the boy.

"Oh, such a gentleman," She exclaimed clapping her hands in praise. "May I know which master is inviting this miss up the hill?" Franklin tried to avoid the peering eyes of the two older women.

"Um, it's hard to say." He pauses swallowing deeply. "I'm just the messenger. Eh, he said to send that lass up the hill." His eyes darted back and forth not knowing how to explain.

"What are you spouting? Stop causing trouble." Mellisa reprimanded. Yet Elanor blocked the angry woman with her arm. Smiling she shook her head at the woman.

"I have my guess on who wishes to see me. I suppose I shouldn't keep them waiting should I?" She laughs leaping into the air floating toward the hill. The three were left below looking at her with wide eyes.

She wasn't quite strong enough to soar in the skies without external help but she could float for a short time. It was an exhausting feat. But she didn't want to show any weakness to the hidden presence.

Up on the hill, John couldn't stop laughing. If he was still a human he'd be rolling on the ground. "That boy needs training in etiquette more than fighting." He joked to Joe who also snorted bemusedly.

"Alright, she's coming. Now, look a bit serious, alright?" Waving his branches at the Bull he continued, "I'll be matchmaking you two so, be on your best behavior."

Joe snorted and jumped he was going to stamp this stupid plant into the dirt! "Calm down I was only joking," John said moving his branches to defend himself.

The demonic bull snorted and laid down eyeing the woman floating over. She'd gotten a bit stronger but she still didn't compare to him. The endless food had caused his strength to skyrocket so his growth was far greater than this woman's.

Elanor gently landed on the hill. She smiled at the Bull and curtsied. "It's nice to meet you once again." She then looks around. "Sir, since you invited me here, wouldn't it be proper to make your presence known?" She said with a frown creeping into her smile.

"So impatient!" John harrumphed as his leaves shuddered. "I was only being kind inviting you up here you know?" Elanor eyed the plant in shock. Of all the things she'd guessed a plant wasn't one of them.

"Sir, I don't know why you possessed a plant. But I won't be scared by such nonsense." She shook her head annoyed at the petty trick. Flames on the verge of coming out of her nostrils from rage.

His branches sunk while Joe snickered to the side. "Don't malign me unjustly. I've been a bush this whole life."

"Fine, Mr. Bush What do you want from this lady." She harrumphs folding her arms under her chest causing the peaks to bounce. John laughs to himself if he was still human he would be putty in such a well-proportion woman's hands.

"Since you've already promised to abandon your evil plot to steal the treasure here. I figured we should assist each other in the future." John shrugged with his branches.

"OH, and how can a demonic beast and a bush help little old me?" She asked coquettishly slightly covering her mouth with a blush.

"Hmph, no one here will fall for your acting. You've already made friends with that little ball of fluff down there. So there is no reason to put on airs." John lectured the fairy before him.

Elanor frowns glancing over at the bull only to see him rolling his eyes at the show. "Fine, I'm listening. But don't think I've forgotten the liberties you took with me last time. Stop acting mysterious." She responds annoyed.

Snickering as he swings his branches at the ground."I won't beat around the bush then." John pauses for the laughter but found himself disappointed. Joe, a demonic bull didn't understand the joke and the woman looked like she was about to burst a blood vessel from anger.

"Fine, it's clear that neither of you can understand my refined humor. Besides the fact that you can help your new friend by helping us. You will also gain such a great place to cultivate." John rose up his branches making himself look more dignified.

Elanor plopped down on her butt inelegantly. Leaning back letting her peeks rise towards the sun as she relaxed casually. "I have a place to cultivate equal if not better then here. Also while I might want to help Laurel. I doubt that will have anything to do with what you want."

"It doesn't matter what you say. When you became that girl's friend, your fate was sealed. The bush stated his leaves glowing a bit. Elanor frowns wondering if she was tricked in some way. John continues, "There are no tricks. Even if I did nothing we would have this conversation sooner or later. There is no reason for you to be so on guard." Shaking his branch as if to shake his head in disappointment. "Look you only see what's here now. This is a place where only weeds grow. If you brought a few mystic herbs here and planted them the atmosphere would soar!"

"You think I have such treasures laying around?" She yelled as she took a clump of dirt and threw it at the bush. "Even if I had them I wouldn't give them to you. Do you think I'm an idiot?"

"Please, no one said you need to bring some expensive mystic herb. Even if they are sickly as long as they are alive it's good enough. Once they are planted here they will thrive without issue." John stated straightforwardly. "As for the other thing, it's even easier than the previous request. Just teach Laurel how to cultivate."

Elanor balked at the second request. "I'm too young to take a disciple. Leave that to those graying old men who have used up all their potential." She pursed her lips as if she ate something sour.

"I never said to make her a disciple. Just teach her a bit and while you're at it help that incompetent boy too." He said waving his branch towards the boy. "I can only do so much as a plant. Better for a human to give advice. Trust me you'll be glad you did later."

Elanor sighed. "I'll think about it. Don't get your hopes up."

"Don't worry. If you are truly her friend you'll teach her. She won't last much longer without training." John said mysteriously.

Elanor jumped up and glared at the plant, "What does that mean?"

"I've been observing these people for a while now. There isn't much I don't know." He waved his limbs playfully. "She's such a lucky girl. Everyone will tell you that. It's no secret. Just keep an eye on her."

Elanor frowned. Even though what this bush said seemed simple at face value he was definitely implying something. "Fine, I'll keep a lookout and figure it out myself." She then turned and began to float back to the village.

"The last thing I'll just let nature take its course for. So don't worry about it." John laughed as he waved goodbye with a branch. The last comment causes Joe to snort angrily and turn away from the annoying plant.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》