Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
17 What is the Truth?
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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17 What is the Truth?

John stroked his chin with a smile. "I don't think it's ever too late to start cultivating. I'm sure your son would love for you to live longer at least."

Anna's body shook as she leans on the table. "Maybe but our inheritance has long been broken."

"Oh? but I saw you use one of the Emerald families phrases to burst forth with might earlier." He questions with a raise of his eyebrow while reclining in his seat.

"It's one my father knew." She sighed. "He always told me it's dangerous to use a phrase that's not your own. I wouldn't have used it if it wasn't to save Franklin." Rubbing her head in frustration she continued. "Honestly I don't even know if my father was given his own phrase or if like me he learned it from someone else."

"I think that's likely so." The old man wisely nodded. "From what I know there is quite a unique ceremony were those with the blood of the Emerald family would learn a phrase best suited for them." He held up his hand as he saw the woman's eyes flash with hope. "I, of course, know nothing of the details."

Her head sank to the table with sorrow. "Yes, there's no reason why you'd know such a secret. Perhaps only the Emerald king remembers."

"Honestly I haven't heard many good things about the Emerald king. Perhaps you shouldn't put so much faith in him." The old man looked to the distance like he was seeing the long forgotten past. "There is only death on that path." Pausing he looked the woman in the eyes. "Is that truly what you want for your son?"

"Of course not!" She yelled clenching her fists. "Yet there is no future for us like this. How much farther can we run?"

"You could always return to the Emerald family." He said while eyeing the lass.

Anna's eyes burst forth with hatred. "Those traitors and bastards besmirch our ancestors!" She cried flinging the table away in a rage. "When the Emerald king is unsealed where will they hide!?"

Watching the tantrum John could only feel depressed. "Truly, even after all this time, the hatred burns so brightly. I don't understand the obsession with the Emerald king." Flipping his hand the table flew back into its position. He gestured for the enraged woman to sit back down. "He's been gone so long even when I was alive it was only rumors and legends."

With a harrumph, Anna grumpily sat down. "It's true that someone like me knows nothing. Still, I know he was powerful!" She gestured violently to punctuate her point. "Not even the strongest powers could subdue him. Finally, though he was sealed due to the betrayal of those bastards."

John smiled "Such determination. What you said seems to be the truth for the most part. However, I know not the details." With a wave of his hand, a set of teacups appeared. "Here calm your nerves. If you'd like I could tell you what I do know of this ancient powerhouse."

As she went to grab her cup she noticed her hand was still shaking with agitation. She grabbed her arm and let out a breath settling her nerves. "I would love to hear about my heroic ancestor." She smiled while taking a sip of tea.

John shook his head. "Heroic may be a bit much for the man. He indeed was powerful though." Pausing he glanced at the woman. "I think you may find him quite detestable if you met him." John put his hand up before she could retort. "From all tellings, he didn't have the passion of his ancestors. He was a cold man that would follow contracts to the letter."

Waving his hand they floated in a void before a scene of a city appeared. A young man in a black cloak appeared. Before anyone knew what was happened the slaughter had begun. The man in black slaughtered the warriors and citizens with ease. Not even a child was spared.

A contract floated down on to the table. Kill all those in the Polad city. Next, a scene played out where an immense empire was smashed to bits. A second contract landed on the table. Leave no stone upon another in the Hist Immortal empire.

Lastly, in space, the man in black viewed a small blue planet. He held out his hand and with just a squeeze the planet collapsed shattering into pieces like an egg that was squeezed too hard. The final contract said to destroy the Bluglen outer world.

Anna couldn't speak as her jaw dropped. John only could sigh. With a stomp of his feet, they returned to the tranquil setting with their quaint table and chairs.

"These are only some of the things I've heard about. It's funny he's long been lambasted as a liar and cheat by his enemies. Yet in the end, they could only force him to seal himself up with a contract." He smiled while tapping the table. "If he was such a despicable untrustworthy person wouldn't he just break the contract?"

"I think that he was probably not a great person." Anna nodded with a sharp look in her eyes. "Yet, he was a powerful man. Even my father said that he wasn't a person to look up to. Still, even if we must sign some devilish contract it'll be worth it to destroy those bastards."

John leaned on his elbow watching the impassioned mother. "Spoken just like a model Lamenter. I have a slightly controversial view of the man myself."

With a wave, he pointed to the distance. Again the black-clad man walked with a steady pace. Every so often some beast or enraged man would attack him. Yet each time they were dispatched. Then armies came one after another leaving bodies piled like mountains. Planets now stood in his path but they to were destroyed.

Finally, the Emerald king was surrounded by men who were so powerful John couldn't even truly picture them. Everyone had an aura covering their features as if even imagining how they looked would profane them. Yet still, even these peak experts couldn't subdue the black cloaked man. The black cloaked man looked out into the distance as if looking through time directly at Anna.

As Anna viewed the man she always viewed as a heroic figure what she saw was a haggard man. She couldn't help but gasp. This man looked as if he was exhausted by many years of life. The heavens could not contain his might yet fools still flung themselves at him as if asking for death. In the end, the Emerald king shook his head and sighed signing the contract to be sealed away until the seal is released.

"Who can say the truth though," John said. "I've heard more than my fair share of stories about him. All lambasting the man. Yet even in those stories, there were still small grains of truth. As if us weaklings weren't able to fully suppress him even in our own minds."

Anna shuddered. "I think you may have guessed right. I always wondered why such a powerful man would agree to be sealed." She whispered.

"I know that even still you will follow the path of a Lamenter." He frowned looking sadly at the lady. "I won't stop you and I will even continue to teach your son. Still, let me tell you one more tale. This one is about me and my past dealing with Lamenters!" He shouted the final word and the whole dreamscape shuddered as the world began to change.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》