Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
15 Guardian Spirit or Dangerous Beast?
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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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15 Guardian Spirit or Dangerous Beast?

Franklin jumped out of bed rushing towards his mother. He grabbed her good hand and squeezed it. "Let's go, mom. I know how to save you!" He exclaimed.

"What's going on?" A dozing Arron sitting near Anna mumbled. His eyes blinked open to see Franklin trying to lift his mother. "What are you doing!" He hollered grabbing the boys arm and yanking him away.

"Let go! I'm taking her up the hill." The boy retaliated trying to throw off Arron's grip.

Sighing Arron grabbed the boys shoulders and knelt down in front of the devastated child. "Listen, your mom doesn't have much time left." His stern eyes directly looked into Franklin's eyes. "We should try to keep her comfortable not drag her around. Okay?"

"No, you're wrong!" Shaking his head with tears the child didn't know how to explain. If he said a man in his dream told him no one would believe him. "If f, if, mom isn't going to live… Then we should take a chance." He said stumbling through his words.

"Look I had the same thought too. However, a bull won't know about healing." He said resignedly. "We may even anger the beast leaving more suffering."

Gripping his hands he looked into the man's eyes "Please."

Around noon the men carried a wounded woman away from the shacks of the newly found village. Arron had made a makeshift stretcher out of wood. Trepidation filled their eyes. They'd lost so many losing another pained them. Yet, they also feared the demonic beast on the hill.

On the hill, Joe was chowing down as usual. He was enjoying the day. He'd showed off quite well so he expecting to get a lot of extra good food soon. When he saw the men coming up he was excited his small tail swinging back and forth.

When he saw that it was the lady who was hurt being brought up the hill his jaw dropped. What were these people thinking? He's a bull. Clearly, he eats plants. Just because he's a demonic beast they think he wants to eat a human? Gagging a bit Joe glanced at the bush in a panic.

Laughing John said, "Don't worry I told the boy to bring the lady here so I can heal her." Shaking his branches in a fun way he continued. "Although if you'd like to partake I won't stop you."

"Snort," Joe was horrified by the thought. How disgusting must it be to eat meat? He no longer had an appetite for the first time in his life. Annoyed he gave off a strong aura which made the men's knees shake in fear as they neared.

The men weren't quite sure what to do now that they reached the top of the hill. Hesitation filled their eyes until Gregory cleared his throat. "It's fine lads let put her down."

Arron stayed close as if to guard her while the others stepped away. Though if the demonic bull went berserk there was nothing they could do. He still felt more assured staying close to Anna.

Gregory bowed politely as he addressed their guardian spirit. "Sorry for disturbing you great one."

Joe's eyebrows perked when he heard this. This guy was way better than the stupid bush.

"Even though you already helped us out." Swallowing deeply Gregory tried to find the correct word. "We are to week and easily broken. This young lady is on death's door from trying to save her child." Getting down on his knees to kowtow he waved for the others to follow suit. "We beg you to save her guardian spirit."

The others following Gregory's lead also kowtow with a "We beg you."

Joe sighed and glanced at the bush.

"Alright she's here send them off would you?" John shook a branch as if shooing them away.

The demonic bull could only roll his eyes with contempt. Yet, how long would these weaklings sit here if he did nothing? "Roar." His power soared and the people here found it hard to breath as demonic energy flew around. Before they could even understand what was going on they were flung by an unseen force down the hill.

"Anna!" Franklin tried to grab her as he was flung back but it was too late. He tumbled down the hill with the rest of them.

Joe glanced at the plant as if to say see they fell down the hill too.

"Ha, fine if you want to compare them to you go ahead." John laughed fluttering his leaves. Joe frowned but chose to ignore the plant and take a nap.

Down below the villagers were panicking running to and fro preparing to flee. However after a few hours with no rampage they had begun to calm down. Arron attempted to climb back up a few time only to be sent back down.

Franklin tried to go back to sleep to see if he could get help but found himself unable to given the situation. He'd worried he'd let his imagination go wild. Sweat covered his body as he could only stare at the hill.

"Alright let's see what I can do." The bush pondered examining the woman with his energy. He never had any medical training so resetting bones was impossible.

However, he did have a fair amount of control over energy. Any cultivator could use energy to stimulate the life of themselves and others. This was truly just a stimulation of the bodies natural healing abilities. Normal healing uses a great deal of life force. So an injured person may lose their life before the healing was complete. However, by using his energy instead of the person's life force to fuel the healing, it wouldn't be a problem to save this woman's life.

In fact, he'd heard that a truly powerful chosen of heaven could be nearly unkillable. As long as the brain remained they would just regenerate a body. Above that, there were even rumors of those that no longer had any connection to the flesh. Though that was a stage he couldn't even imagine.

As the daylight faded Anna's eyes opened with a jolt. The pain had lessened greatly. She no longer felt weak. What had happened? Where is she?

Looking around she saw a lazily eating bull and a small bush. She then looked down and saw the small shacks below. "I'm on the hill?" She asked no one in particular and no one answered her.

As Anna moved her right arm, she winced in pain. The bones were not set correctly, so it was painful to use. It was intact though. Normally the damage would require amputation, she sighed with admiration.

"I don't know who helped me." She said bowing deeply towards the bull and bush before continuing. "Thank you." She waited a bit to see if anyone would answer. However, all she heard was the chewing of Joe and ruffling of leaves.

Seeing no one would see her off, she turned to leave saying "If there is nothing else. I'll return home."


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