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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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11 A Village Forms

Anna shivered as she returned to the small village. Many worried faces were waiting there to greet her. Franklin rushes into her arms with tears in his eyes. The poor twelve year old boy had lost his father only a few years ago in the war and couldn't help but worry about his mother.

"How was it?" Arron asked with worry. With a wry smile on her face, Anna looks at Arron while hugging her child. "Hard to say. At least the bull accepted the offering." Melisa a young mother her self gently grabbed Anna's arm that was still lightly shaking "Are you alright? You should let the men undertake such dangers. Think of your boy."

"It was truly fearsome. It felt like I was going to be crushed just from a look." Anna replied squeezing Franklin tightly to calm her nerves. "No wonder those wolves did not dare to enter this clearing," Gregory a slightly graying haired man mumbled as he glanced at the Forrest. Gregory was the oldest in the small village at the age of forty.

Indeed many could feel the aura coming from the hill even from here. What would it feel like to be right in front of such a savage beast? They wondered with fear and awe in their hearts.

"You are so brave!" Laurel a young girl of the age of ten ran over with bright eyes looking at Anna her new idol. Melisa frowned however not sure if she liked that her daughter found such adventures exciting.

"Ha, Ha, this is how kids should be," Gregory laughs as he ruffles the girl's hair much to her annoyance. Laurel escapes hiding behind her mom and glaring at the old man. With this humorous display, the tense atmosphere finally dissipated.

Noticing that everyone was more relaxed Gregory smiled as he announces, "alright everyone back to work. There is still much to do if we want to stay here."

With new smiles on their faces, the rest of the refugees returned to work. The men were digging a well since it was dangerous to travel to the river. While it was nearby they had to run back every time while being chased by the local demonic beasts. The women, on the other hand, sowed seeds in the gardens while watching the kids.

After a few days, things settled down. The well was half dug and the gardens were finished. They had begun to forage more in the nearby forest. Still, they didn't dare to wander too far or they may be cut off from the safety of the clearing.

Franklin would go off by himself waving his wooden sword around. While he thought he was being sneaky the women could only laugh as they could still see him not too far away. He was too afraid to venture far and indeed wouldn't have been allowed to if he tried.

Laurel was curious and eventually decided to follow this older boy. Since his mom was so awesome she was curious what Franklin was up to as well. "What are you doing?" She asked Franklin who was swinging a wooden sword up and down as he yelled, "hua."

Jumping in the air from the shock of being snuck up on. He lost his grip on his sword sending it flying a couple of feet away. "Be careful now Franklin!" His mom yelled. Franklin looked around surprised that he was being watched.

"What do you want?" he asked glancing at the girl as he went to grab his sword. Laurel couldn't help but giggle as the boy sheepishly walked away from her. "I just saw you playing by your self so I came over!" Laurel stated proudly with a pure smile. Franklin slightly blushes before grunting changing to a glare. "I'm training to be a warrior not playing some game."

"Oh, that's super cool!" The young girl couldn't help but throw some punches with a "hiyah". Franklin couldn't stay angry at this cute girl. Even he felt that the punches being thrown couldn't hurt a fly.

"Yeah, I want to be like my father. He was super strong..." His smile soon turned gloomy, however, "he died in the war though. If he'd been here we wouldn't have had so much trouble." Franklin grip on his sword hilt grew stronger as his knuckles turned white.

"I'm sure you'll be way strong." Laurel squealed as she threw her arms open to show how strong he would be. "Alright you can't bother me while I'm training, okay?" Franklin looked at the girl who didn't seem to have a care in the world. Nodding with a determined look in her eyes she replied "Okay."

Neither of these kids noticed that the women weren't the only ones watching them. A small bush on the hill often extended his senses out to spectate the small village.

On the hill, John was cultivating by circling the sun and earth energy as usual. Joe was eating happily and the fight about his name had been forgotten.

"So that kid wants to cultivate huh? Do you think I should help him out?" John asked the bull with a bit of excitement.

"Buru?" Joe scoffed.

"What do you mean, what do I know about cultivation? I'm a very smart bush!" Shaking his leaves in anger John was incensed by the lack of confidence.

Joe hopped up and down while glaring at his annoying hill mate "Snort."

"I can't walk? While you can't talk!" John raged angrily, "Who's dumb now!"

The argument continued much like this throughout the day.

"Fine, I'll show you! I still know a few tricks." John decided to use a small trick he learned over his hundred years in his sect.

Sure he was a nobody and never got to go into the treasury to pick a cultivation but he still picked up a few things. He had once been bored of gardening and thought he could have a bit of fun teasing new sect members in their dreams.

This only lead to him being beaten up by his juniors much to his chagrin. It wasn't very useful. Not like those powerful dream techniques that allowed one to kill people in their dreams. He couldn't affect anything while in the dreams. However, he could use it to sneakily teach the child a few things.

In the past, he was weak and could never soar in the heavens. Still, in comparison to a normal child, he might as well be a god among men. Even he could slaughter normal soldiers by the hundreds.


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