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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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10 Spring

John has been in darkness for quite some time. "Plant's don't sleep I guess." He had originally felt tired when his leaves fell off. However, it was just the lack of sun energy, making him feel lethargic. It was cold and it felt like he was locked away, much like when he was a seed.

Now he was contemplating the thrumming of the earth. His roots now gave him, a better connection with the earth, than ever before. As a human, he had no talent with any daos causing him much consternation. "All my friends left me behind," John, sighed. While his friends had soared in their sects, he'd been left tending the gardens for a hundred years.

"That's in the past," he, reassured himself. Now he was a bush on a new path. "Perhaps I won't soar through the heavens, but I will live a long quiet life!" John thought enthusiastically.

The earth was the only thing in John's life for the whole winter. Its heartbeat as it moved imperceptibly to human senses, could be felt through his roots. It's a strange sensation being able to wiggle through the earth. To humans and most animals, the earth is a solid object for them to stand on. However now he could feel the earth shift, as his roots moved through the ground. He could feel as Joe, moved in his sleep and the minute changes of worms digging nearby.

As time moved on he felt himself becoming one with the earth. His roots moved with the beat of the earth. Energy flowed in and out of him like the flow of the tides. Bringing nutrients to the land and animals deep in the ground. It was far more efficient than his previous method, that consumed energy at an incredible rate. He realized he, was still thinking like a human and had much left to learn.

Deep in contemplation, the winter flew by and soon John began to notice a bit of warmth in his limbs. Buds began to form making him, feel renewed. Waking from his sleep he sent his senses out. All around the budding world had returned to its green life filled state. Also, the life energy in the air had grown thicker which had a wondrous effect on the local fauna.

He also noticed his senses could reach farther now, showing the surroundings of the hill he was on. To John's, surprise he could see a few small makeshift huts, around the bottom of the hill. A few small gardens scattered around were recently tilled. Even though he, could not see so far previously he, was sure that these homes were a new addition.

Joe, who was relaxing not putting the humans in his eye, noticed a change in the plant. He decided to walk over to the plant that had been ignoring him for quite some time. Snorting and eyeing this strange plant suspiciously, the demonic bull was waiting for a reaction.

"Hey what's with that attitude right when I woke up?" John complained. "Are you going to take another bite out of me? If you keep it up I'll die for real, you know."

John soon noticed Joe the demonic bull had wide eyes looking as if he saw a ghost cutting off his rant. "Wait can you hear me?" a surprised John bush shook in agitation.

Joe didn't know what to do. He felt like he was being tricked as he heard someones voice in his head. While he could understand speech he, was still relatively low as a demonic beast and couldn't speak yet. While in this area in the outskirts of the Unbroken Region, he could indeed reign supreme. Yet in the depths of the Unbroken Region, he'd be as lowly as the humans that had recently arrived.

"Bru," Joe complained stamping his hoof at the plant in front of him.

"There's no reason to get so upset alright!" John panicked as a few stomps got dangerously close to him.

Joe didn't seem to agree with John giving him an angry grunt. "It's not my fault you can't speak alright! But if you accidentally stomp me to death you can say goodbye to your easy meals." John tried to explain to the red-eyed Demonic Bull.

Down below a few of the humans, noticed the commotion and began to worry that the Demonic Bull, would soon go on a rampage. Quickly they decided to try and appease the beast, by sending a representative, with the herbs they had picked recently. The herbs were part of their plan to entice the Bull, to be their, guardian spirit.

Anna Gulped as she slowly walked up the hill. She had volunteered to go, although Arron had protested and said he should go; she felt that a woman would be less threatening than a man, overruling him. She, looked at the small herbs, with apprehension they couldn't find anything too special since they didn't have the strength to enter the forest. "It'll be fine! We have nowhere to go this has to work," she, comforted herself, as she, neared the top of the hill.

The two on the hill had long noticed this lass coming up the hill. Both Joe and John were surprised by the bravery of this young lady. However, humans were indeed cunning creatures so both of them eyed her suspiciously.

Anna, bows deeply to the demonic beast in front of her, with sweat drenching her back. "Please calm your anger great one," her, voice quakes a bit as she glances at the bull. "We bring this small offering, in hopes that you will allow us to stay, in your blessed land." Slowly she extends her hands with the herbs while remaining bowed. All she could think about is that the demonic beast might bite off her hands while eating.

Joe had never had subordinates before so he was happily surprised by the offering. Snorting lightly he took the offering and began to chew.

Taking this as a sign of acceptance Anna said, "Thank you, for your benevolence." With that, she began to back up slowly returning the way she came.

"Ha, they want to make you their divine spirit!" John couldn't help but laugh. "Isn't that great now you won't need me to help you out anymore."

Joe annoyed at being made fun of snorted and had a glint in his eye.

"Alright, I'm sorry don't eat me, ok?" John gave in. "Geez, for just being a Joe you sure are ornery."

The demonic bull looked at him, Inquisitively who is a Joe?

"What you don't even know your own name?" John shook his head, at the ignorance of demonic beasts.

Joe, however, would have no more nonsense turning away he stomped throwing a fit. Soon sitting on his butt at the other side of the hill. He decided to ignore John for the rest of the day.


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