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Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Author :Untolddead
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7 Treasure Hunting

As fall set in, John is preparing to break through. 'I'm finally reaching the starting point.' He says excitedly. He's eager to reach this landmark. Now with the core growing solidly inside him, he is feeling more secure. Hopefully, no one will notice him. So he can whittle the centuries away, in peace like a good plant cultivator.

By John's side, the ever-present Joe the bull is lazing about sleeping. Joe has defeated most of the strong demonic beasts in the area. He is now the king of the hill and surrounding lands. At least the number of challengers has dropped. John is sure that there won't be anyone disturbing him, during his breakthrough.


"Dammit, since when was there such a strong demon bull guarding this hill?" Elanor curses at the hill. Why did it have to cause her so many problems? She had come a month ago after healing. But to her surprise, there was now a stubborn demonic bull on the hill.

Cursing her luck she had stealthily watched the hill, for the past month. She knew for certain she was right about a treasure appearing. Why else would such a powerful demonic beast stake its claim on the hill? She had witnessed the strange quick growing grass and the powerful battles between demonic beasts.

Without a way to triumph, she was stumped for quite some time. No one was willing to help her. Even after she described the strange occurrences. They'd already scoured the area and weren't willing to take a risk for nothing. Still, she was determined and meticulously spied on the bull. After a while, she noticed that the demonic bull sleeps quite heavily after eating its fill.

So after waiting a few days in the tall grass surrounding the hill, she finally sees her chance. The bull had gorged itself quite heavily and had fallen asleep soon after. Elanor nervously bites her nail. But no matter the risk she isn't willing to wait any longer. She slowly crawls through the grass towards the hill to seek her good fortune.


John is gathering his strength to break through when he notices something strange. There is movement on the edge of his senses. It is a strange sight that leaves him speechless. There is a young lass with her butt waving in the air above the grass. Her hips swaying back and forth with even her behind jiggling a bit.

As she grows closer he observes a perspiring young lady with some great curves. When he was a human, it was impossible to even view such beauty. Let alone get close enough to see her perspiration and pure white skin. Now, however, a strange determined young lady crawls on the ground towards him.

'Does she think she's hiding?' John wonders. He is in awe of the sight before him. A bobbing rear end of a fairy. Her chest has dislodged itself, showing more cleavage then such a beauty would normally show. Of course, if she knew she had an audience, she surely wouldn't have been so bold and audacious.

As he jovially watches this woman's antics. He tries to understand what this beauty is up to. There is only him and Joe up here. Yet Joe is too strong, and he hasn't even reached Seed coalescing. So to John, there is nothing of value here. Once on the hill, the young girl starts digging around and searching for something.

John can't hold it in anymore and laughingly thinks, 'there is no treasure here silly girl. Just a fat bull that doesn't know how to stop eating!' Of course, this did no good as the girl can't hear him. As the girl continues to determinedly look around for treasure, he begins to worry. 'The only conspicuous thing up here is me,' he concludes. He is afraid that this determined female, might take him to be the treasure. If he gets taken away who knows what will happen. Perhaps some alchemist will grind him up and use him in some obscure potion?


Elanor is quite happy with her stealth ability. She is sure even if someone came along they would see nothing. It wasn't easy though as she curses her loose clothes, as they begin to shift poorly. 'Luckily no one can see me,' she consoles her self, as she hugs close to the ground.

She remains sure that the treasure must be nearby. 'Is it around this lame looking bush?' Elanor speculates. The grass grows with the bush as the center point. Even a fool can tell something was strange. She starts to inspect the area thoroughly. Hopefully, the treasure has come to the surface, since the original search.

As she focuses on her search, she feels her hand in some sort of squishy mud. She is shocked, 'it hasn't rained recently!' She hesitantly inspects where her hand is. To her dismay, she finds it in the middle of a big pile of manure. If she wasn't in danger, she would definitely cry out.

With tears in her eyes and a slight sniff, Elanor continues her search. She glances at the sickly bush as she begins to search around its roots. Soon though she gives up there is nothing there. 'It is probably closer to the Demonic beast,' she reasons. With trepidation, she crawls away from the bush towards the bull. Slowly the curvy woman inspects every inch of ground.

Elanor is so focused on the ground that she is oblivious to the world around her. The young cultivator furious search for a treasure. Until she feels something on her bottom, knocking her out of her revelry. She nearly yelps but quickly covers her mouth, with her clean hand suppressing it. Glancing behind herself, however, shows no offender. "Keep it together no one is here!" Elanor consoles herself quietly. She suspiciously looks for what had touched her.

After a short time, she puts the incident out of her mind. Trying to ignore her fear and confusion she continues the search. The beautiful treasure hunter isn't willing to give up over a figment of her imagination. Then, however, she feels a slap on her round rear end. "Eek!" she screams out. The sudden pain made it impossible to suppress her reaction.

Elanor is beyond infuriated, 'Who is playing a prank on me?' She asks herself while gritting her teeth. She quickly gets up to search for the offender. Yet none can be found anywhere. She begins to feel a warm wind on her shoulder, that smells like a garbage dump. "Ew, gross what is that stink?" the fairy complains. Elanor can't help but hold her nose with her clean hand and turn angrily behind her. As she does her complexion turns pale white. It is a very angry demonic bull.

"I'm sorry! Please don't eat me," She screams while running away as fast as she could. She is a very fast girl as she often has to run, from lustful men and women. She can't blame them she is just too attractive so everyone would want her. After pursuing her for an hour, the demonic bull gives up. It appears the bull is more worried about its hill, then a silly girl hopping around the nearby grasslands.


John is flabbergasted he had only wanted to deter the girl and scare her away. He hadn't expected such a huge reaction from his small slap. He used a lot of strength to move so much, leaving him exhausted. 'So much for breaking through today,' he sighs dejectedly. He prays for the young girl escape. He won't enjoy watching her decompose after being skewered by the giant bull horns on Joe. Still, he is safe for another day. Hopefully, this young lady will be deterred from returning.
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    《Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush》